Autopilot 2

You’ll be in big trouble when Aiko reads this. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

People like you ruin good game. People like you are the reason high sec wars got nerfed into needing some BS pos. People like you are reasons mining barges are tanky AF, have ore bays and compression. People like you ruin game.

There are a ton of games you can play where you can be lazy and unskilled. Most games on the market actually.

Go play thise befire they butcher this game even more for people like you.

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/edit 1st message wrong place.

now 2nd message; Census suggests that we need to autopilot into battle!

Not for the same exact reason as you, but this is why I left. CCP waste my time.

The people who do market trading are allowed to autopilot 2 with trades.
They setup a buy/sell order, hit the autopilot 2 button, and then log off to play another game and watch a movie. They are not sitting at their chair, they do not have to engage in “One button press = one interaction” like the poor scanner does. The poor scanner cant even link his modules together with a single macro or he could get banned for it!
He cannot Autopilot 2 his way through the scanning sites.
And now with Bill Gates bringing Excel into this, the Market players have macros, scripts, formulas.
Does the scanner get a macro to autohack a can? NO HE DOES NOT!
Does the scanner get a formula from Bill Gates to punch in and rob noobs with ultra low buy orders?
No, he does not. He is the poor scanner, not the greedy rich trader who Bill Gates himself is helping to now exploit massive chains of macros and instant automatic button presses.
Where was market trader when The Westfold fell? Where was the market trader when our enemies closed in around us? Where was the trade-- hmph. No, my poor scanner bro. We are alone.

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