CCP get rid of Auto Pilot

EVE is an active player based game and should not be done while doing other things. CCP please get rid of Auto Pilot to make the game less AFK. Thanks

But autopiloters make fantastic targets.

Auto piloting is the beginnings of botting and we all know how bots are feared except in Delve

I hope you are ready for the bear hate :smiley:

CCP Get rid of OP. Thanks

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You listen and do the bidding of those racing to the bottom.

Lies and slander.

It’s useless anyway.

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Prove it sweat heart

Make me, ESL-kun.

you are a very toxic person

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You are a big meanie.

you’re the one whos been going after everyone for what they say and then start saying that is a horrible idea

That’s absolutely not true! How dare you invent things.

This game is all this toon has so let him be. Its ok for those who hate to show their true nature. Unfortunately it only results in being shunned by those who are reasonable and responsible.

I think you’re being too hard on Mindahouf Davaham. You should apologize.

Here is where you call for the ISD again dude

Reply again and we can’t be friends anymore.

I am fine with that