An addition to autopilot

when using auto pilot to travel distances it warps to an area then has to fly to it to jump as if it was not choosing the jump option but warpto then jump. same with stations. i think it could be changed so that it wouldtake much less time to travel

You’re asking for Auto-pilot to “Warp to Zero”.
The answer is no.


Quality of Life : Autopilot warp to 0

As I stated in that thread:

Autopiloting is meant to be a convenience with a drawback that encourages attentive piloting but allows for automated travel if a player is willing to accept higher risk in exchange. It should never be a replacement for attentive piloting. It’s a balanced mechanic as-is.

Autopilot is meant to be used when you just need to move from HS system A to HS system B while AFK in a ship that isn’t a valuable target.

Also, please consider looking for existing threads before posting new suggestions; it’s one thing to repost when it has locked for inactivity, but we really don’t need multiple open threads for the exact same idea.


It’s deliberately not fast. Encourages more of us to stay at our keyboards.

Autopilot should just be deleted.
It’s a bad idea to use it in nearly all cases and having it as an option misleads people into thinking it’s useful.

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I value it for freighter hauling in less risky systems.

But to add to your post, it’s how the tutorial tells you to travel. Set destination>engage auto pilot.

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