Autopilot setup

How to setup a autopilot?

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Set Destination or Waypoint to something and press CTRL S.


“Setup?” On the left to the “A”-Symbol on screen is a tiny triangle. If you left click it, your Autopilot menu deploys.
The Route function is quite helpful, but you better avoid the autopilot itself for it’s a nasty way to lose ships.

Don’t use autopilot … don’t start to get used to it.

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Lol, should I waste my time by sitting near and clicking stargates without autopilot?

Yes, otherwise, sooner or later you will lose your ship. Also it’s a lot faster to manual jump, because the autopilot stops you 15km from the gate and you have to slowboat the rest (while gankers investigate your ship, cargo and fit and prepare to kill you). The manual jump command warps you to 0 on the gate.


Since you asked this question, I would like to give you a piece of advice that I think appropriate for all new players.

Never, ever load up all your items into a single ship and try to move everything you’ve earned all at once. Especially on autopilot.

There is no safe space in Eve, and you should plan for the possibility you’ll lose whatever you fly into space. The more value you fly with, the more likely it is that someone will take the time to shoot you. The more opportunity you give someone to shoot you (by, for example, autopilotiing) the more likely you are to get shot.

Manually warping to gates will warp you directly onto the gate so you can jump immediately, but autopilot lands some distance away and has to approach, giving players extra time to size you up and see if you’d be an attractive kill. It is not necessary to refrain from using autopilot at all, but you should factor in the risk of anything you do in Eve into your planning, including the use of the autopilot.


You waste your time playing computer games, just in case you didn’t notice…

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OK, but how to open autopilot settiongs?

Clicking on the “A”!?

In the upper lefthand corner there should be a semi-ghosted set of icons that show or hide certain elements. One of those is the letter A and reveals your route information. Clicking (or right clicking I forget which as it’s muscle memory by now) will show you your auto pilot options.

In the bottom center of your display is a yellow wheel of lights that indicates your capacitor charge. To the left side is a double arrow that will show or hide buttons that let you toggle certain settings, including an A that enables or disables the auto pilot.

For setting a destination to use via the autopilot, or for easier manual gate to gate navigation, right clicking on a destination, market order, station link etc will usually let you set destination or add a waypoint.

Does that answer your question?

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Yes, ty

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