What does Autopilot do?

I just want to know how autopilot works. because I’m very new to the game. Thanks.

Use it when you want to see your ship explode…


I do not quite understand. if your ship exploded, I am sure you dont even need to pilot it.

wait you mean use it and your ship exploded?? w t f?

Pirates/gankers will see that you are auto-piloting and as you will be an easy target, destroy you…

Don’t use it…ever…

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When you plot a route to a destination (for example, by right clicking on a station and selecting ‘set destination’ in the context menu, the autopilot will automatically pilot your ship to that destination. It is similar to clicking on gates/the station and clicking ‘warp to’ with one key difference: Your ship will not warp to a range close enough to the gate or station to jump/dock immediately, but will definitely land some distance off and have to slowboat to the target. This gives people time to shoot you, if they want.

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If you set your destination to a different system or station, you can once in space engage the autopilot. It does the exact thing you expect it to do, automatically pilot you to your destination. However, it will warp you to 15 km of the next gate/station and slow boat to it which means:

It is much slower then manually flying

It is much more dangerous as you will be an easy target while in space

So tip: Don’t use it

it was reduced from 15km to 10km

Still it is WAY slower than manual piloting from gate to gate. And way more prone to gank.



and… join a corp? …you will get answers to the numerous basic questions you ask

To be fair, I’m not sure you can levy too much judgement at the guy asking questions and looking for answers in the…you know…“New Citizens Q & A” forum. Seems appropriate.

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yes but the same guy also asked in other posts very simple basic questions like
“, I never leave high-sec amarr space so I should be safe. CONCORD will always protect me

why can’t a battleship kill a frigate? how tough can a frigate be??

and PVE fit can not defeat a PVP fit? what’s the difference? isn’t it just a bunch of guns, some EWAR and a bit of armour and healing?”

i have no problem with new players asking questions here, and i usually answer and try to help them. I even sometimes send them a few dozens of millions to help them to start in eve, if they seem to try to learn and improve. But i also expect them to not be lazy, and try to read a bit.

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oh I joined a corp in my station, but it’s all Russian corps, so they are speaking Russian and I am confused. and can training skills improve autopilot skill?

well, Thanks a lot for your information.

based on your help, I did solve some problems.

Enough said. Would the ISD please close this thd now.

Encouraging autopilot should be a bannable offense :rofl:


it’s really that bad? like will it warp you in to the middle of a planet? jumping you into a black hole? anyways. I will not use it.

Autopilot simply tells everyone that you are either lazy and/or not paying attention…

man, join a corp speaking the same language as you, with people willing to help you. Not a russian corp in the same station where you are (except if you are russian … :wink: ;);))
eve-uni gives classes about everything…


Oh, never knew that. Then again, last time I used AP is 10 years ago


As we said in your other topic. People can and will kill you if the opportunity arises.

No greater opportunity then a slow boating ship that is on Auto Pilot as likely the player is either AFK or at least not paying attention