Warp to Zero - Autopilot - Real Need or Fallacy?

Now the Autopilot will Warp to 10km instead of 15km.

  • Is it really necessary to have an Autopilot that the recommendation is not to use it ?

What is the purpose of the Autopilot not warping to zero ?

  • Would it be be to force those who chose a Hauler Career to get tied to the chair clicking the warp button over and over and over again.
  • Or it would be to teach beginners some kind of lesson. Do not use Autopilot.
  • Or the goal is for everyone not to get up from their seats after starting a 15-jump trip.

Warp to Zero is not really “warp to zero”. It is warp sometimes to zero.
High-Sec Pro-Haulers already avoid using “warp to zero”, they use safe spots of Stargates and Stations to increase safety and decrease travel time.

Solutions adopted by the community:

  • Remote Play by cellphone.
  • Mouse Macro. “ilegal”
  • Warp Bot. “ilegal”

You forget all the history behind why autopilot not warping to 0 was implemented in the first place.

In any case, the choice is yours. Be lazy and afk, but have risk and a longer travel time when you pilot AFK, or be at the keyboard piloting and have a shorter, safer trip.


There was no warp to 0 in those days and the manual.It just takes a bunch of warp-from-x-to-y bookmarks.

Jumping was changed yet autopilot was left as it was.

Maybe they could just remove the warp to 0 if it bothers people so much? Imagine the adavntage for older players… :wink:

EVE has some design problems that stem from the environment that the people who created it came from.

One of the original design intents was “we want lots of players hunting other players. But if players are paying attention to their surroundings, they will just run away or avoid the fight or good heavens, actually fight back! So… we want to put in lots of game mechanics that cause players attention to wander, and to leave them exposed to attacks from other players.”

Auto-pilot, mining, travel speeds, boring missions you can AFK… all these were designed as traps to lull players into inattention so that other players would have an opportunity to ambush them.

It apparently didn’t occur to the original designers, or any designer since, that these types of PvP interaction are bad for the game in the long run. Or that it is possible to design active PvP that is more interesting for both parties.

At the moment, CCP takes the stance that players who aren’t paying attention are making a choice, one that has consequences, and it’s not up to CCP to make the consequences of player choices turn out nice.

Unfortunately, the choice is usually between doing something repetitive, time consuming and boring, or taking a less tiresome alternative with a risk of substantial loss.

One of the top game designers of all time once said something like “a good game is a series of interesting choices”. (There is some debate about the actual statement made.)

CCP’s designers decided to go the route of “EVE will be a series of choices between boring slow repetitive actions, or more convenient actions that put you at risk of direct loss.”

Apparently after over a decade of looking at their game, CCP has decided to tweak a few of the more obvious boring obstructions to actually playing the game.

As for making the auto-pilot warp to zero, rather than 10, the question would be “What would the effect of making the game even more AFK-able be? Good or bad?”


The warp to 0 was because people just put bookmarks on the gate to warp to the bookmark instead. So, the compromise, which also removes the need for thousands of bookmarks in everyone’s list is that active people can warp to 0 (but with some randomness when landing added later) and AFK autopiloters take more risk for their comfort. Seems fair to me.

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We jumped to gate (at 10km then passed the gate in the same direction, dropped a can , bookmarked it and continued happily fixing the game manually.

For the average gamer today this is too much effort.

We need more players not more obstructions for new players to enjoy their journey in space.

Honestly the warp to zero on autopilot shouldn’t be an issue. As compromise have the ship align when coming off a gate for 4-5 seconds before initiating warp. At the moment autopilot is practically useless because it’s incredible dangerous AND typically slow as hell. This change would still make it very dangerous, but it least it wouldn’t take 7 years to get to your location.

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For the average gamer back then it was too much effort as well. Most capsuleers bought their bookmarks from the few that did the work.

The “good ol’ days” really aren’t quite the way you like to remember them. Players were just as lazy as they are now.


Just stop being lazy. Problem solved.


Many ships can be made to warp in < 2 seconds so with autopilot to 0 they would be pretty much invncible anywhere outside of null while AFK traveling. No thank you.

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Well done on reading the entire post. A 4-5sec align to gate before initiating warp gives even those ships plenty of time to be locked and scrammed.

So, you want to rebalance half the ships in EVE to align slower so that you can make people more lazy? I mean sure I would love to catch more travel ceptors and yachts in gate camps but seems like a ton of dev work just to appease lazy afkers.


… align to gate, Not align speed. The action align to gate, wait 4-5 seconds, then the ship initiates warp (which may include more time if their align speed is greater than 4-5 seconds).

So pretty much you want to buff AFK play while simultaneously nerfing people whom are actually piloting. LOL. The whole proposal is terrible. Likely put up by someone whom lost a hauler to a suicide gank while AFK on auto pilot.


It’s hilarious how people say that making it “dangerous” to travel makes it more realistic. Eve takes place in the distant future. A future where we can warp a :rocket: in outer space. Don’t you think that we would have the ability to set an AP that would warp to Zero?

The obvious truth is CCP Games (South Korean video game publisher Pearl Abyss) wants us glued to our keyboards. I honestly don’t care either way, but call a spade :spades: a spade :spades:.

It’s only “realistic” when it coincides with making money. :heavy_dollar_sign:

*Yes, I know that a company would and should make money.


How is this a nerf to people who are actually piloting? If you can’t lock a target in 5 seconds you have no business attempting a gate camp. Yes, you won’t have the current time to lock the target , scan it, do some math on if the gank is worth it, take a bio break, and come back while is putters to an out gate. However, auto-pilot may actually become something worth doing in your blank clone with shuttle/corvette. More people doing it = more chances to gank.

The extra “align” time would bring null and lowsec to a stand still. It would be a huge buff to people like me (Hell I would love every one of my targets to align slower).

Lets see, every interceptor, T3, covert ops, and on and on would be so much easier to catch. Nothing would get anywhere. You thought that the blackout or cyno changes people complained. Wait till people can’t fly their beloved ships anywhere and watch the unsubs.

So while I would love to catch everything, it is a nerf to people getting away which is a severe nerf to people whom are not AFK and trying to avoid being caught. (Avoiding death is part of PVP after all).

All in the name of making lazy autopiloters even lazier. No thanks.

… dude, read.


When you auto pilot the ship will preform an “Align to X” and start slow boating at the target gate for 4-5 seconds. It will then try to initiate warp to zero. No modification to any ships.

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Gankers don’t “gate-camp” in the conventional sense. Due to Concord’s intervention, it just doesn’t work. Gankers are the laziest people in the game, by far. They need that 15km to get all their ducks in a row. CODE. is nearly dead, warp-to-zero AP would finally kill the parasite off.

+1 to AP with WTZ.

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The warp speed change and this one are intended to be a crowd pleaser.

How desperate.