Make autopilot usable or remove it entirely

I’ve been playing EVE since 2011 and only time i’ve seen someone use autopilot is kill right scammers or somebody clicking it by accident.
Why not just fix the autopilot by making it jump to gate on 0 instead of 10? (Or make a setting, where you set how many kilometres you want)
People will go afk while autopilot is on, so what? It’s still better than making people sit, wait and click 2 buttons through 30 systems.
If you don’t want to change it - remove the autopilot entirely, because as of now it’s utterly useless.


I use it all the time. Need to get myself to Alderat to see why I have 4 I sorry called Mangala for CSM… Autopilot while I do something else. If I die, I lose a shuttle and an empty pod, no worries.



Having to slowboat a few kilometers to the gate is just the price you pay for your laziness. CCP wants you to put in the effort if you want to (1) travel more safely and (2) get to your destination quickly.

I have to imagine, too, that any perceived decrease in the use of autopilot could be attributable to the community parroting “don’t ever autopilot” to every rookie who mentions it.


Trade offs my friend. Autopilot is slower, riskier but much easier. You can use it with those conditions, or not and manually pilot.

It certainly isn’t useless though. There are plenty of situations where your ship is tanked enough, fast enough, or cheap enough that the risk or cost of losing a ship while autopiloting is negligible. It’s nice to have the option to use it then, and stick to manual piloting when moving things of value or when time matters.


You might find the answer in this thread. The cost of suicide ganking is too low

It’s not really an effort, it’s an inconvenience and if you need to travel far enough - hell of a chore.

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Depends on the route and the ship, i use also autopilot in HS and been afk. Never lost anything.

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I just use it for autodocking with 0-range dock bookmarks. It’s an absolutely brilliant feature.


The autodock feature is a nice feature. Especially for cyno characters.

I agree it should just warp to 0 though.

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I’ve taken my dog for a walk several times while my ship goes on a 25+ jump Autopilot trip and have always returned an hour later to find my ship safely docked.

I also use it when I want to make lunch or a coffee.

I pretty much use it whenever I want to.

lol, so true. I try to combat this whenever the NO! DONT! STOP! NEVER USE AUTOPILOT! brigade start up but I am usually vastly outnumbered.

The idea that the second you travel at sub warp speed through High Sec you get ganked is a massive exaggeration.

TL;DR: My dog thinks Autopilot is great :hugs:


You should never autopilot if you dont want to die. Feel free if you can afford to lose whatever.


I use it for this as well.

In this capacity it is excellent.




I guess if you would like to make an attempt at not dying dont autopilot.

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So you want a safe method of travelling without paying attention to the computer? Even I think that’s ridiculous and I am an industrialist that hauls my own stuff for a living. What’s next, how boring it is to change market orders by 0.01 isk and that you want a bot to do it for you?

Like people mentioned, trade offs, if you’re lazy and use auto pilot you get a higher chance of getting bumped off your track. Auto pilot is not mean’t to make things easy and simple, but to give you a reason to go to the toilet or make a sandwich when you’re flying something pretty inexpensive.


Autopilot is meant to automate your travel and nothing else. It wasn’t intended to be any more or less safe then regular piloting other than the understood dangers of the lack of capsuleer attention.

Its a mechanic designed in the days where everything was warp to 10 and there was no warp to 0.

Just let em make it warp to 0 so i dont have to click stargates.

The dont autopilot guys (me) will still say dont use it because it cant make a decision on geid to hold cloak or burn back or what.

But it will be of much higher quality to those willing to use it.

If you really want them to retain the ability to get ganked they can make it align for 2 seconds before warping or something.

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Auto-pilot, even when jumping on 0 will never be safe. There always will be scan-res ganks, and even in high-sec, have you ever seen anyone catching a ship when it was out of warp on 0? Ganks only try to catch you when you just jumped in the system, not jumping out of it.

With your ship slowboating 10km towards the gate it’s still better to not use auto-pilot.

Yes, that’d be actually amazing and i don’t see anything wrong with it.

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Im not for making it safe. Im for making it not slowboat 10km to stargates

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Isn’t that most ships already?

The excuse we have for autopilot to warp to 15km is because the ships computer cannot manually determine the safest path to the gate unlike when being manually handled, so to avoid possible disasters during auto pilot it gives distance. Don’t ask me why its just what I got the other day.

Yes, I was victim of that one day, but I don’t maximise cargo, so the single cruiser got a bad day.

Nobody is saying its better, it is just a way of going away when you HAVE to do something, because if you’re not playing the game then don’t bother even flying the ship. If you come up with “But I prefer to watch videos” then go for it, just alt tab every time you hear the jump gate happen, it’s what I do. The only times I fly in auto pilot is only when I go to the toilet or have to answer the door. Alternatively I dock at the nearest station before resuming my trip.

So you’d rather Not play the game and take away interactions that players have with their choices of profession. I can immediately see one problem there, sell/buy orders being reduced/raised so fast because of so many active bots in the market that prices just go nuts all over the board and nobody is doing anything about it, because somebody thought bots would be a cool thing to use.