Autopilot distance change

Autopilot always stops 15km away from the target Can I change that distance to 0 km anyhow?

No. This is supposed to be the downside of the auto pilot.

If you want to travel faster, you will have to warp manually gate to gate.


Yeah, don’t use autopilot if you are at the keyboard. It is only useful to move things around while you are out of game and only then if you understand the risks that puts you in.

But the route planner is very useful. Set a route and then manually jump from system to system.


never ever use Autopilot if you dont want to get shot


I used auto pilot once… it was very painful… I kinda wished I had gotten ganked just to put me out of my misery!

Hehhh… I usually use autopilot when I have a full high sec route and I keep in autopilot and start studying… By the time I am done studying my ship’s done traversing the route. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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