Autopilot warp between bookmarks

ability to use autopilot to warp between bookmarks, the autopilot warps you to the bookmark you set destination to, it doesnt just stop at the system the bookmark is located in, it takes you all the way. if all your bookmarks on your list are within same system the autopilot will warp to all of them, you just set destination to one of the bookmarks on your list. if the bookmarks are too close to each other (within 150km) the autopilot will skip to the next bookmark on the list. If a bookmark on your list is located in a different system the autopilot will automatically add jumping through stargates to your waypoint without messing up your current bookmark waypoints


Explain how useful this would be, and explain what makes auto pilot a choice when it will warp you to anything within 15km?

Auto pilot is just bad in general, takes longer and paints a huge “kill me” on you, the only people that love that mechanic are gankers, because they take advantage of the laziness people have in using that.

You are either a master-level troll, or really dimwitted.

Marvellous! z0rberg would likely seriously enjoy having the autopilot warp him around, on grid, in his cloud of 300+ bookmarks!

Best idea ever! No doubt about it! Bravo!

I think the OP wants a way to warp directly to bookmarks that are right next to gates and/or stations… that way one can avoid the “burn for 15 km” penalty while on autopilot.

OP: I want the game to be easier to AFK.

Me: ugh…

I thought this too.

to get around 15km burn, there could be bookmark which you can’t add to “the list” if its too close to a gateway for example

As long as the autopilot follows all the normal auto pilot rules this should be ok (no you don’t get to skip bookmarks). So you can’t autowarp to a bookmark 15km beyond a gate. It warps you to within 15km of the bookmark, then slow boats you to the book mark and THEN slow boats you back to gate.


It’s now absolutely clear that you’re after a way to circumvent the 15km autopilot behaviour.

Why don’t you just openly ask for that instead? People will at least respect you for being honest. Trying to hide your intent behind a thinly veiled feature will only make the community that much more sceptical of all your future posts.

alternatively you can have any bookmarks on “the list” but you just will never land closer than 15km to stargates/stations even if you try to trick warp to 0km during autopilot mode

Can you explain why you want this implemented. Whats actual reason you want to use this in game.

Allows perfect afk safety. It’s trivially easy to quickly generate a hundred bookmarks spread out in a whole system, where the ship would just keep moving around. That’s why.

Plus: A bot would simply have to engage the autopilot and then do nothing but wait, because the server handles the rest. in comparison, if the bot had to do it manually, it’d become easier and easier for CCP to identify it as a bot, because of repeating patterns, and because humans just wouldn’t do this.

It should still be slowboating to the bookmark after each warp and before warping to the next book mark.

Even frigs would eventually be caught.

I honestly wouldn’t mind. Sometimes i want to travel to a book mark in a system whilst afk, not just to the system and then sit on gate afk.

I’d hardly be hidden or safe.

no, auto-piloting has quite a bit of risk involved (by design im pretty sure), auto-piloting around bookmarks that only you know where they are and where the next one will be is broken.

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