When you warp into a relic you drop a bookmark?

Hi there today when i exploring glory Eden(■■■■ place by the way), i be caught by a loki and he said he watched me warp into the relic by when you warp into somewhere, you drop a ping, so he can know where i am, so my question is what is warping to somewhere dropped a ping ?

And ■■■■ you all! Have a good day!

He didn’t use Probe scan.

So he used his probe scanners earlier, so he had all exploration sites marked.

Then, even before you arrived in system he warped to each site and created a bookmark as he was coming out of warp and on-grid with the site. Grids now measure 10K or more across, so it is easy to create a bookmark while in warp; and especially while dropping out of warp.

Bookmarks that are on grid with something of interest (eg. exploration sites, gates, structures, moons, etc.) but more than 150 km away, are generally referred to as pings. They are on grid bookmarks that allow you to be safe, while also being able to observe what is going on.

That allows him to warp to his ping when you were in system and just observe you.

When you start to hack a can, he can see the animation and then take advantage of you being distracted, because the cans can be warped to.

So when you are close to a can hacking it, he warps to the can and decloaks on the way in. Since you are distracted, you don’t notice, so he lands on top of you, scrams you and then he can easily kill you.


Once you calm down, I hope this emotional response get’s channelled back into either learning how not to get caught, or seeking revenge.

I know 70 mill ISK to a new player can seem like a lot (and probably more the time hacking all the earlier sites can seem like a waste), but if you still want to play, send me a mail in game and I’ll replace what you lost.

In any case, good luck.

Maybe. Some say any of us playing video games is a waste of time. I say time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted.
Perhaps he just enjoys laying traps for explorers. Or perhaps he does it to see if any explorer ship is fat with loot when he gets them. Or perhaps he does it to see if it makes anyone cr…have an outsized emotional reaction (if so guess it worked well).


Next time, off load to an NPC station when you reach say 30-40 mil (or whatever you consider good value).

That way if you later get killed at least you have something saved.

It can be more efficient to just kill and loot the explorers passing by than hacking yourself. Welcome to the EvE food chain.


As explorer I do the same thing, right before landing at a site I drop a bookmark. If I timed it well, it’s more than 150km away and I can warp to it and back to a can.

And yes, it makes a great spot to sit at cloaked while waiting for another explorer to get into your trap, as you can see the other and warp directly to the can they’re hacking.

It’s often a waste of time indeed, I’ve set traps like those (all sites in system scanned, bookmarks in warp range of sites) and waited for hours without explorers to bring me their loot.

Usually it pays better to do exploration yourself, but as explorer it is good to know the dangers that await you. And what better way to know your enemy than to take on that role yourself?

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Some people can’t handle the high stakes pressure of their virtual space pixels getting blown to smithereens. :thinking: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:


Yeah EVE is clearly not for you better find a game you have the patience for and enjoy playing. o/

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