Sending coordinates via attached bookmarks with EVEmail

I think this would be fairly useful in what I’m doing for black ops at the moment, example bookmark a wreck that’s close to the target npcing . Send to my Loki pilot via mail. Get bridged into a safe then warp to bookmark.

I’m sure there would be other uses for this feature.

It would certainly save me 10k a time - how much it currently costs me to contract bookmarks between characters.

It seems like an obvious feature to be able to send warpable bookmarks via chat or mail. But it’s not so simple because it crosses over with some features of being in a corp or a fleet.

You don’t need to be in a corp to share a bookmark, you can just hand them out remotely. And why be in a fleet when anyone can press ctrl-b and give you a warp in without being in fleet.

This would also give people remote warp ins which is a game changer. Right now if i want to stalk another player with an alt i need to get my alt close to the target to get a good warp in. This means i may be spotted by the target and expose my scout. This is good gameplay and takes skill from both sides to spot or not be spotted.

If i can mail bookmarks to my alts, my scout doesn’t need to be anywhere near my target. I can make a book mark out of a nearby asteroid, can, wreck etc from almost any distance. It’s much easier for my scout and much harder for the target to detect.

Not happening for the same reason you will not be able to create bookmarks through ESI. Too abuse-prone.

I agree entirely. The current system is a relic from a time when making and selling insta-warp bookmarks was a viable and semi-supported profession.

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