Copy paste text format for Export and Import of Bookmarks

Copy paste text format export and import bookmarks would be useful for sharing in a chat channel or mail with contacts, as an alternative to a public share.

Something similar to fittings copy and paste structure.

An added benefit of this is the ability to backup my bookmarks externally, just as we can do with fittings (there is no tool that I am aware that allows me to do this on Linux via ESI and the ESI API is read only, no import function).

I think that even existed at one time. But it makes it too easy for the gankers, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Your argument doesn’t hold water since we now have shared bookmark folders. It is also emitted via the ESI read only API.

There is also fleet warping.

Your argument is also irrelevant. It is non sequitur

Yes, but that is exactly the point. NOW you have to be in the fleet or in the corp to be able to hire someone. If read characters can just be posted by anyone in a chat, you’ll be number one on the ganker guest list pretty quickly just because someone in the Belt doesn’t like you. And corp bookmarks I think even have a two minute delay.

No, we don’t have to be in a fleet, we can just have a public BM share. However, I want to be able to share it in text form over a chat channel, such as #Scanning. There is an imposed 3 online share folders and I want to also have ad-hoc sharing with chat.

Using your arguments we could say exporting and importing fittings is helping gankers with fitting.

How do you think we get Eve-Scout // Thera bookmarks?

Your argument is still non sequitur

YES as I said… I understand your desire very well. Sometimes I would also like to have it so simple, but that has certainly not been abolished for no reason.

The bookmark system has changed since your days of a bygone era.

This change will not do anything to stop your fear of ganking. NOT AT ALL. It won’t help stop ganking by preventing export and import, nor should it.

We can already share bookmarks, your argument is still non sequitur every way you spin it.

No this has nothing to do with fear. Ganking is part of Eve. Anyone who doesn’t play along with that is wrong here. But that has something to do with game mechanics. CCP decided that back then and not without reason. And I think it was the reason that gankers had it too easy.

It has nothing to do with game mechanics, it won’t do anything to change what is already possible, except just make it a text format. The ESI uses JSON and Text format already. See here EVE Swagger Interface

This does not add any new game mechanics.

Your argument is non sequitur

Okay…I just wanted to respond to you and share why I think that is the way it is. Eve has been around for a long time and the idea is not new.

We know, nobody likes change or improvement, they just want the “old things”.

I don’t think that is the reason. Eve has changed a lot in the last few years to attract new players and keep them up to date. I think it’s good that you think about it and have wishes but not everything is so easy to implement or even good for everyone.

You don’t have to use the export import feature. It changes nothing for you.

Same as you don’t have to use bookmark shared folders. It changes nothing for you.

Same as you don’t have to use the ESI API. It changes nothing for you.

Sure? If I can just write any location in any chat now, nothing would change? Well I think so :wink: But okay… I don’t want to argue, just wanted to help. Everyone is allowed to have his opinion.

I can just have a public free for all BM share and post that link, nothing different.

They can then drag and drop my public shared BM to their folder or just warp to it.

Your argument is non sequitur

This BM have a 2 Minutes Delay i mean.

So what? WH’s last more than 2 minutes. Asteroids last more than 2 minutes.

My Ship is away after 2 Minutes… this is the Point.

So you can see invisible ships? How so?

If you can Share BM like this you dont need Invisble Ships.