Bring back Bookmark-To-Item/Item-To-Bookmark

I get it, there’s access lists now and shared folders.
But those are a pain to use, at least in proportion to what the bookmark-to-item mechanics was good for.

It facilitated quick, uncomplicated, flexible, even somewhat anonymous one-time exchange of a single bookmark.

Yes, the new access lists can share bookmarks, too. And for what they can also do, beyond sharing physical bookmark items, they’re a better tool than what there was, no discussion. But it’s utterly disproportionate and far more rigid for that use case that was served well by a quick, uncomplicated, flexible, and even somewhat anonymous, one-time exchange of a single bookmark.

So, please reimplement that functionality with the new bookmark system.



Would be great to have both.

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Agreed. I used to sell, trade, or give away about half my escalation bookmarks when they were items.

While the new system is handy for certain things, I completely stopped exchanging escalations under it. It can be done but isn’t really worth it.

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Huh, so, after randomly coming across another bookmark-related thread, I understand that the removal of this function, and/or ancillary ones, was alleged to costing gankers a few additional mouse clicks in plying their sociopathic trade …

… making this function having been removed yet another case of “This is why we can’t have nice things”, it would seem.

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