New Scan Probe Idea - Bookmark scanners

Just a brain fart

What if there was a scan probe type that could scan down bookmarks?

Two types:

  • One that just scans you to the middle of a grid that has boomarks on it. (finding the grid where offgrid bookmarks are. Maybe limit it to a corp or one character at a time)

  • The other just finds bookmarks on the current grid.

This may be a nullsec/WH only item because I could see this melting the server to a cinder if anyone ever used this in hi sec, let alone Jita.

bookmarks are not physical objects in space but just a note with coordinates that is saved on per-pilot/corporation basis, so there is no way one can scan down something that is not there to begin with.

“Grid” is formed when a ship enters an “off-grid” area or an object is spawned (like missions, ded sites or anoms - they are generated when any (1st) player starts their warp to them).

So your proposal should be perceived as “i want to know/scan down cloaky off-grid ships”. And that is a no.

But this wouldn’t find ships, it would find bookmarks.

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