Warp to Zero - Autopilot - Real Need or Fallacy?

You play in highsec, right?
Answered it myself by looking at zkill.


Let’s enact a voting system based on actual money spent on the game.

Then your idea is a joke anyway. So you want to make it faster to come IN to a gate, and then make it slower to go OUT of a gate on autopilot. Meaning the result is the same and not worth wasting dev time on it.

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Is there something wrong with making your players happy? As it stands Auto-pilot is terrible. It’s ridiculously slower and typically a death sentence. The least they could do is make the travel time not awful while still being a potential death sentence.


Uh, I have more than one account. I was born in NS on 2003.05.10. I’ve maintained a presence there ever since. But thanks for asking. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nowhere did I say there was anything wrong with it. I simply noted that these changes are crowd pleasers and rather desperate.

They’re desperate, because people have been asking for such changes for years and CCP never gave a ■■■■ until now, where they need to actually please the crowd.


How is a 4-5 second delay in warp the same as 15k of slow boating? Even in a shuttle that’s still 30+ seconds of slow boating.

You need to train up your Navigation skills buddy.


Sure, but that’s not relevant. Nowhere did I imply you only play in highsec or that you don’t have more accounts. All I’ve been asking was if you’re playing in highsec … which you do.

That’s like “You’re playing DOOM, right?” and I am well aware that you could also be playing any other game, but I’m asking if you’re playing DOOM, not Quake.

I’ve been watching too many old game reviews lately. :smiley:


Nothing but love. :two_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :revolving_hearts: :heartbeat: :heartpulse: :heart: :gift_heart: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heart_decoration: :heart_eyes:

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You’re actually helping pointing out a serious problem of online presence.

It’s not the misunderstanding per se, but that we all jump to conclusions too fast,
instead of thinking about what’s written and meant.

I’ve been watching this channel daily lately. He’s been doing this for over ten years now and his voice is absolutely amazing. Watching his videos spread across time allows one to hear how his voice talent improved significantly over the years. He even has a really, really good Duke Nukem impression.


:stuck_out_tongue: just went off the 500m/s on Eve uni. 625m/s at L5, so 24 seconds. Still a 4.8 times longer than a 5 second slow boat and longer if the ship has higher than 5 second align naturally.

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I don’t see any reviews of Eve…

Likely because that’s not a type of game he’d review.


F. all this logic!

I would love to be able to click the autopilot and go to the bathroom and when I get back the ship is already docked inside the station. I don’t want to get back and see my ship slowly approaching the stargate after only having completed two of five jumps.

Do I do this? No. But I wish I could.

Yea. I already know the level of the answers that will come my way.

Nereus w/ 4 second align time.

Manual - warp to zero, 4 second align, warps, jumps on landing
Autopilot (current) - warp to 15 off, 4 second align, warps, slow boats for almost 2 minutes, warps
Autopilot (5 sec align to…) - Align to X gate, 5 second slow boat, warp to zero (finish align if needed) , jumps on landing

If you’re traveling like 18 jumps that slow boat ends up being an extra ~35 minutes of time added to your trip, while likely being a death sentence to gankers. In the front loaded 5 sec slow boat you get there nearly as fast as manual, but still allows plenty of opportunity to a gate camp. The difference is gankers would have be actively ready on the gate to gank. It becomes harder yes, but likely far more targets.

it’s also good practice for when they want to do real PvP and gate camp low sec.

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How much time are you spending in the bathroom?

*My sergeant back in the day would have a “bio bottle” next to his PC during corp ice mining ops.

Wait just a damn minute!!!

The Dev Blog says: “Every Cruiser, Battlecruiser and Battleship now warps faster than before.”.

Why are we talking about shuttles and freighters?

Probably because we read the rest of the dev post, too.

All four lines of it.

For completeness I’d like to point out that when it says 10km,
it actually means 7.5km to 12.5km.

The destination point is always within a sphere of r = 2.5km.

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