Warp jump precision

I remember time when ships always jump in 15km before of a target. Very strange decision, may be developers wanted give sense of long travel in space or give opportunity for pirates to intercept a trader. It’s all reasonable, but why a spaceship must jump exactly 15 km before target? Much natural will be jump with 15 km (for instance) precision, in random point inside 15 km sphere with a center in the target.

Players quickly found abuse for such mechanic and begin create bookmarks exactly in 15 km after a target, so the spaceship begins jump exactly in the target. The bookmarks were made so many, that servers had trouble to keep them all. And thus CCP changed game mechanic, the “manual” flight give exact warping (like with cheat bookmarks), but an autopilot plying is still as before, warp in 15 km before target. This is strange logic, isn’t it?

I suggest to change any warp jump to unpriced with 15km precision. Why it will be better:

  1. Game mechanic will be more realistic in terms of SciFi. There will not more question why autopilot jump exactly before 15 km.
  2. An autopilot will be slightly quicker and will give roughly the same travel speed as manual flight (may be to teach it to use afterburner too, if it is turned on on time switching on autopilot). And this is good for a game experience. The game play, interaction between a man and the game must be always interesting for the man. There is nothing interesting in constantly manual pressing on the yellow target and “jump”. Even a monkey can do this, what about of a ship AI in the future? People will instead more often relax after a hard battle, drink a coffee/beer/whatever and look like autopilot do the boring job.
  3. Yes, a manual space traveling will become more slow, as was designed in the birth of the game. Is it good or bad? The galaxy will become more huge and will took more time to travel from one edge of the galaxy to another. Especially for a huge ship. Especially for a huge fleet of huge ships. Global wars become more strategic, because opponents will have more time to react and prepare defence force to meet an attack fleet. Pirates will become more dangerous, but themselves they will become more vulnerable for the strike back.

As for me, I think in such case I will get more realistic sensation of a space travel, drinking something, looking at the autopilot and sometimes fight with NPC pirates at gates (or enemy fleet), then as like now I forced to constantly clicking on yellow target, “jump” and think is the space traveling in the future will be looking boring like this.

Solution: Don’t use Auto Pilot


No it’s not. Auto piloting is probably one of the only mechanic that deserve to be thrown away without consideration. Because it would teach highsec players to actually pay attention to what they’re doing.

And by god, if you want an autopilot that actually use an Afterburner or MWD, that’s just giving our free and legal scripts to everyone.


Personally, I’m not opposed to a warp-to-zero autopilot. Although illegal, this functionality is probably already done by botting, hence the supposed reason for locking alphas out of Lv4 missions. So forcing people to autopilot 15km is just punishing the honest players now.

Also, I’m not opposed to keeping the status quo either. I think the idea behind the longer autopilot was for additional motivation to keep pilots at the keyboard, which everyone should be doing anyways. You should be looking about in your surroundings. There are no safe spots once you undock, and if you get ganked while AFK, the jokes are on you.

When I’m using autopilot it’s because I don’t care about the ship, cargo, or pod. It means I can move around without being at my PC (read awake). Being slower if I won’t actually notice, I don’t actually care.

Such a long post and serious in depth explanations, all to justify the suggestion that Autopilot should be better.


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