Making Strategic Mobility possible

The idea is to have the warp engine use more power and consume it as you move
and use warp speed control to adjust the speed and power consumption

The new Navigation system will allow you to select either to warp faster and stop more times in between or warp slower and let the capacitor to catch up as you warp and get there in one shot

This will gave strategic purpose to Mobility in Solar system and make it feel more vast

That’s a deal breaker. Especially for Amarr pilots.

It also kind of sounds like you’re suggesting we make warping even more slow and/or time consuming; that we make the most boring part of the game even more tedious and boring.

No thanks.

Warp speed is part of balancing between bigger and smaller ships. You’ll end up with cap hungry cruiser fits having to warp slower than buffer battleships that have no use for cap. Not a good idea.

Just use the existing warp speed rigs, implants and mods.

I’m not really seeing where this “strategic purpose” comes in or what kind of fun and engaging gameplay this enables.

Basically you’re just talking about slowing down some or all solar system travel unless you fit cap mods in which case you can move faster. That’s not a particularly interesting choice and it doesn’t seem to create any interesting gameplay beyond introducing to Eve the rough experience of driving a Toyota Prius down the highway at 5-10 below the speed limit and trying to push the estimated MPG as high as it’ll go… while this might appeal to some people those people are in the extreme minority.

Warping and moving in space it’s part of the game experience

As soon as you start getting into Star Trek Online territory, shifting power levels to different things for scalable buffs, I think we move away from EVE’s ship fitting philosophy completely. Id rather you have modules that effect your warp performance rather than a slider for the sake of ‘well this is something I can’t customize so it might as well be a new feature’

Different ships different Mass different warp speed and power consumption

It introduces the navigation system, once you select where to warp the navigational window opens giving you the option to adjust your warp speed and indicating power consumption and distance traveled . The strategy is in managing both Mobility and tactical capabilities

It will not be ajustment on the Fly , is more like predetermined course selected from the solar map or preset warp selection nothing like STO that emphasizes on auctions on the Fly.

I think I see what he’s going at…

basically you’d be able to overheat or underheat your warp drives, trading speed for cap use. If it’s a short warp, maybe it’s worth burning up all your cap to get yourself there asap, if it’s a long warp, maybe it’s worth going slower so as not to have to drop out of warp.

An interesting scenario…

ceptor lands on grid with a BS, BS was aligned to the closest planet and does an overheated warp. Ceptor follows, lands shortly after, the BS is aligning but has no cap. Did the BS bring the cap boosters he needs to keep moving? Does he have enough cap to run ewar on the ceptor?

I’m not sure if it’s a good proposal but it might have interesting effects.

No, then the BS drops out of warp at a random location where cap ran out on the way to the planet, and is 100% safe given they now cannot be followed.

In this case better off having the ability in drop-in in random space then using bookmarks for safe locations and using server memory. Don’t forget what happened with the instaWarp to -0-

This isn’t a server memory issue. It’s a PvE-er can escape risk free without any planning ahead of time issue.

Good point. It’d basically be a random safe generator, just warp to whatever celestial you’re most aligned to at the moment. There probably aren’t really any ways to fix it either, are there?

Or, or, we could change none of that and still have your ships warp at maximum warp with modules that directly change how your ship warps doing their job like they already do

What you’ve just described is the UI and the mechanics, but not why that’s fun gameplay or any kind of interesting decision making.

From the way you’ve described it you’re basically adding a slider and some math into warping. Unless you’re a slider fetishist or a math nut I don’t think that qualifies as particularly fun or engaging gameplay. The resulting set of possible outcomes isn’t even that interesting. Either you have tons of cap and get there a bit faster than now, or it takes you longer, or you screw up and cap out. 2/3rds of your options result in waiting and not much else.

perhaps i am you don’t know

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I think the term you’re looking for is tactical.

Don’t plan ahead, you will get dead.

More like I don’t really care.

CCP shouldn’t be adding large obstructive features that sit on the game critical path for every player that are targeted at a niche audience.

It would be like if CCP didn’t make mining optional, they absolutely forced every single player to spend 2 hours mining the ore to build their first non-Corvette ship and until that point you couldn’t buy or use any other vessel.

Except at least that would be a one-time thing, where as what OP is proposing is an annoying and boring bit of math that the player has to do every time they enter warp, or more likely something they memorize a value for and set pretty much all their ships to be tolerable at that value.