Suggestion for dynamic Warp inhibiting

My suggestion is for the warp out to operate as the ships capacitor capacity VS power neutralizer
You will need to reach a certain amount of warp power after you’ve been pointed to warp out
Therefore for a smaller ship it will be more difficult to indefinitely lock down a bigger ship and vice versa ,
Smaller ship can use its maneuverability to outrun a bigger ship and set itself free,
Also an optimum and fell off it will determine the amount of warp power descending creation
From the moment that you engage warp action and your warp core starts pulling up / countdown you also will be able to maneuver if possible to get to position to avoid being warp inhibited ,
So small ships use their speed and big ships use warp power Richard / Spool up to counter the warp inhibitors neutralizing effects to escape.


I think you forgot to mention why you want to do all of this, what is the point and goal of these changes?

Creating a use it or lose it timer is good gameplay.

Now this psuedo timer should be generous, allowing plenty of time for reinforcements that are actually ready to get to the fight, but short enough that 2 hours later when the batphone wakes up you aren’t still tackled. Scaling on size of ship since small ships die much faster than large ships.
And tying it to slowly scaling warp strength means that there is also more use for high end scrams with higher strength disruption.

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To be more dynamic not just cut throat ,
Also allows for new weapons like a detonation that depletes warp power or the warp scrambler and work disruptor actually be a weapon that shoots a special ammunition to deplete warp power .
It allows for more EVE science to take place isn’t that what makes Eve different than other games.

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This mostly just sounds like a poorly hidden attempt at “my big ship shouldn’t need support”

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You’re not going to be able to take my big ship out with a small ship alone without assistance , anyhow why should I be stuck there forever ,

You can definitely kill a battleship with a frigate.

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I guess depends how badly is being fitted , and for how long you been grinding on it
In my case I probably would have logged out :joy:

If you don’t want to be stuck, fit a neut, zap the frigate’s capacitor to 0, which turns off the tackle modules.


How dare you insinuate a mighty battleship should need to even acknowledged the existence of something like a frigate.

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You are trying to solve the Binary problem of EVE.

Good start, but it’s not gonna be easy.

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:joy: frigate is in a complete different classification

im not sure what you’re getting at with this?

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