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Hi all.

This is probably going to be a weird one. I won’t be mad if you giggle. :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently, I’ve been doing an experiment. I’ve been doing distribution missions. I’ve found a place where there’s a lot of distribution agents in one spot, and pulling a mission from each simultaneously, even the ones that go to lowsec. This means more time in space, and potential danger along the way. Exciting!

Furthermore, I’ve been trying to make the universe seem bigger. So, what I’ve been doing is warping to gates and stations at 15, and then slowboating over.

Yes, I’m aware that these are good ways to get myself killed, especially in lowsec. I’m after content. It’s taken me almost a decade, but I’ve finally figured out that to enjoy this game, you need to embrace the pain no matter what you’re doing. Right now, I’m doing distribution missions, and they’re so boring if they’re safe.

Also, the fact that I slowboat on gates through lowsec and never see a damn thing is a little bit of a shame. I might even pay ransoms if they’re not too unreasonable and you make a good show of it.

Sidenote: Two things would be nice, 1) the ability to change the warp distance for the “Jump” and “Dock” commands, and 2) the ability to get missions remotely. I’ll start a separate thread on that later, and I think I have some good points in favor of it.


If you don’t mind the extra button press you can set your default warp distance to 15km and use that when you warp to a gate or station. Then press dock/jump when you land and you’ll showboat.

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To me EVE is a sandbox.

While the devs gives the more traditional MMO crowd things to do… like;

  • Take X to Y and bring back G.
  • Kill Target at X location
  • Or just mining and other things.

It really is up to you to create the content you desire for yourself. You can do this as part of a team or on your own. While people say it is always better with others, alone I had some of my most rewarding experiences in doing things solo.

So not giggling here, you are playing the game your way, creating potential disaster for yourself or opportunities :). You have progressed more in EVE than 80% of the player just by thinking like this.


You’re right, EVE is a sandbox. I don’t understand why people make themselves and other people miserable, coming on here and begging for content. It’s all around you, this game is almost two decades old. All it takes to enjoy it is to change the way you look at it.

I’m intentionally not using every advantage I have at my disposal. Why? Because if I can travel in complete safety, it’s not fun. I’ve gotten the game out of my way, and now I can have fun. I did achieve my goal, by the way! I got blown up going through lowsec just a few minutes ago. I was positively giddy, someone actually bothered to come by and shoot me for once, because I gave them the opportunity to do so. I asked them if they take ransoms. They didn’t answer and just kept shooting. Their loss! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But my point is, rather than come on here and piss and moan that there’s not enough content, why not make one’s own with what’s available? Even though I lose my ship, and I probably won’t have as much ISK, I’ve made an incredibly enjoyable experience for more than just myself with nothing but a Wreathe and a few distribution missions. When did we, as a community, regain our fear of losing a ship?

And also, why does CCP keep making the game get in our way? Having to do an extra click to warp at 15 and then jump/dock actually does start to annoy me after a while, especially when I’m trying to do forum things. Although maybe I should do that when I’m not flying. :thinking:

I remember doing lowsec distribution missions. There never was anyone around. Felt like the quickest way of raising the standings for that particular faction. You’re doing it right. It is most likely that your forum post made people look up your position via locator agents, by the way.

Alternatively, he can set the AP to the system next door and just hit the AP for the full passive experience. :smiley:

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That’s fine. At least people are using the system. How many people do use that, by the way? I’ve never actually had cause to use it.

You know, I’m not really that mad about the extra click anymore. I’ve just remembered that that’s how we had to do it back in the day.

I do not know. What I do now, is that the public locator agent service provided by players is a dead channel at least in the hours I’m covering, despite it being filled with people. Who are silent. Always. I’d be using the service a lot more if I had the standings for it. I don’t. Can’t be arsed grinding, despite it also lowering my faction related market tax.

One of my agents is actually a locator agent. Send me a mail, maybe we can work something out.

I like your style! This is how the game should be played, just for fun and not for the ISK/h ratio.

Many people here have the misconception that they need the most bling stuff to be invincible. They then learn the hard way that you can easily die in EVE regardless how much ISK you have sunk into your ship.

Here is one of the 80%.

I did not say anything about PVP.

Just like I implied your one of the 80%.

That possibility always exist if he slowboats in low like he said. So me stating inviting potential danger is absolutely correct.

Maybe instead of taking out of context understand the entire thread and don’t derail this one? Pretty please?

Also, I agree with the idea of making all kills public info.


You are correct.

Content creation is just not about putting yourself or others in danger of loss. But in the context of his original posts “flying in low slow boating”. He creating two situations which I directly implied on can creating potential disaster or opportunities.

I believe anything you do in the game that has an impact on somebody else is content creation even if it only impacts you. Obviously I am going to be biased towards PVP because that is all I have ever done in EVE. I know nothing else. So 80% of eve is there for one reason only, to become my content. It is a purely selfish view I have in my own context of how I play EVE.

On that terrible note… Back on topic.


I think you’re both focusing too much on the division between PvE and PvP. Many people do not seem to accept that (at the very least, in the context of EVE) they are manifestations of the same thing: The Content (a.k.a., The Sandbox).

You see, I’m not just aimlessly floating my happy ass through lowsec, popping from gate to gate for the ■■■■ of it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m doing distribution missions, purposely near the edge of highsec, so that I sometimes stay in highsec (I still slowboat), but every once in a while there’s a surprise lowsec.

I take my very specific, shortest route through my deliveries (I take 5 at a time), warping at 15 to everything and then approaching and interacting; and when my route takes me back to highsec, I don’t go back to lowsec until my route takes me there again.

I am leveraging a “PvE” system to create a “PvP” opportunity. I am creating my own content within the parameters defined as The Sandbox. Who’s to say that that “PvP” event, though it resulted from my specific “PvE” choices, wasn’t part of the “PvE” all along? Or that the “PvE” doesn’t exist solely to sustain “PvP”? Let’s not make divisions where they need not be made; both of these things together are The Content. Let’s just call it that, save ourselves a lot of headache. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will elaborate. The Content is a spectrum, at one end, “PvE”, at the other, “PvP”. Since there is only one shard of EVE, these two things affect each other, they depend entirely on each other; not only do they help each other grow–ironically, through destruction–but they are each part of a cycle; composed, they are the whole. Incidentally, this also means that they can never be rid of one another. This is a universal law of EVE.

Some wardec groups use it to look for their targets. And a lot of us in null use HS locators to track the movements of specific members of opposing groups.

Hit Auto-Pilot, sit back and enjoy the show. The immersion experience I mean, not netflix.

You will feel what it’s like to actually be in reality doing that, your sipping your coffee on autopilot and all of the sudden your ship gets bumped off course from the gate and now you got an exciting event to deal with as gankers ask you for a ransom. What will happen next is your choice.

Sense of mystery and discovery!

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Just use auto pilot.

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