Couple of questions, please

Hello folks, I have a question or two that maybe more experienced players could answer:

  1. How do you catch a Luxury Yacht? I see them uncloak and cloak and if the don’t cloak then they are basically gone asap. They seem uncatchable with that covo-ops cloak, inertial stabs, mwd and warp stabs.

  2. How about being able to disengage from warp one initiated? I don’t mean stop-on-a-dime obviously, maybe takes you like 4 secs or so to leave warp and slow down at a reasonable rate (whatever is fair) as sometimes I have thought this ability would be useful when I’ve inadvertently warped to something then realised I shouldn’t have or should have done something first. I’m not sure it it would be abused but just an idea…what do you folks think? I would have thought starships should have this ability.


It’s currently not possible, likely because nobody really needs to be sitting in empty space.

You can set however a bookmark while you are warping and then warp to it, and so create a place for yourself in empty space.

There is a forum section where you can make suggestions by the way:

And for a suggestion as simple as yours can you just drop a comment into the Little Things-thread.

  1. Preparation, luck, and a bit of screwing up from the yacht pilot themselves. You may be able to decloak and lock them with a few skilled interceptor pilots. It’s a long shot, though. That thing is damn hard to catch.

  2. Such a suggestion probably belongs in the Features & Ideas subforum. Personally I’m not a huge fan. It would certainly be convenient, but it would also seriously change some PvP dynamics around warp safety.

    For example, if I warp a very long distance (say, 100 AU) and realize that the end point of my warp is probably camped halfway through, I would be able to not only stop myself from running into their camp, but also end up in a middle of nowhere “safe spot” that they would need probes to catch me at. Under the current mechanics, the only way to do that is to be prepared ahead of time with a bookmark. I prefer that since preparation requires more deliberate gameplay and planning.

I suspect the suggestion might not be that simple for technical reasons, given some intuition around how the warp system is built. Part of the reason for the intuition: some effects, such as the effect of drag bubbles, are calculated at the time your warp starts. I’m not a CCP dev, so I could be wrong, but I feel that it may go beyond the scope of being a “little thing”.

If you could fry your capacitor whilst in-flight you might drop out of warp. This concept is certainly used in advance to set bookmarks … run your cap down, warp A to B, and you instead stop somewhere in between which you then bookmark.

You would just have to try switching things on during flight (often not possible) and see what happens. But that’s how mechanics-wise this might be made to work. A sort of capacitor-anchor if you will.

The suggestion itself is simple. CCP can do the worrying.

That’s not how that works. The entire capacitor amount you use for the warp is consumed at the start of the warp. If you have insufficient cap at the start, you will warp anyway (and use all remaining cap), but drop out halfway. Killing your capacitor mid-warp has no effect on the warp itself.

Fair enough. But the concept of a “space anchor” - something you can throw out / switch on / fit / or drain in mid-flight is still what we are talking about.

Yep. As a high slot module, I think that could actually work nicely. That is, assuming it doesn’t break Eve’s warp system.

Thanks for the cool replies. Yes, a module that allows you to do this would be cool…maybe a compromise.

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