The Unpoddable (Victorieux Luxury Yacht) - is it possible?

Hello all,

I moved to Jspace lately, Ive flown around in HS with billion dollar clones for 90% of time in eve (after initial hurdle).

The problem: I want the implants but don’t want to get them destroyed in the offchance I run into a pvp experience.
Why: I’m doing activities that aren’t PvP (most of the time), c5s or Gas harvesting but could turn in toPvP quickly.
The (proposed solution): Victorieux Luxury Yacht.

Can it gets itself out of almost any situation. I want to put it in the frigate escape bay that way I can almost never be podded. Is this viable, has anyone flown under these circumstances?

Please let me know how you think this would work out. Would I just lose the pod anyway? don’t want to risk it until I get an idea

Thanks all! Any insight appreciated

I don’t think you’d like my insight.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


You do know it is not a frigate right?

Also… your hope is on wether or not the server tick is in your favor or theirs.

Victorieux Luxury Yacht | bob3776 Severasse | Killmail | zKillboard

No ship is unkillable no matter how quickly it warps.

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The Yacht is not a viable option, you need a frigate.

Death by session change


The @isd have a ship that cannot be destroyed. But yes us commoner folk don’t have that option

Some interceptors are bubble immune frigates and they warp fast.

But smartbombs are still something to worry about.

“instawarp” from being cloaked coming through a gate is not the same as coming out of an escape bay with no cloak. Even if your yacht wasn’t a cruiser (meaning it cant fit in the escape bay) and even if it was “insta warp” fit, it would still be too slow and be a free bonus kill like all the other ships people put in escape bays.

Yeah I wanna be invulnerable and suffer no losses too, but whatcha gonna do.

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You can’t put intercepters in a frigate escape bay, which is what OP wants.

So you can’t…learn something every day.

CCP should let those implant dropped so that it can be looted.:slightly_smiling_face: and it is isk not dollar.:wink:

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Interceptor frigates, fit properly, can get out of almost any situation.

So no, you dont need a yacht, you just need an interceptor.

Something I did NOT realize when I got my yacht, unlike other Cov Ops equipped ships, this one does NOT have the reduced re-cloak time. Makes you vulnerable at certain times while waiting for cloak cooldown.

OP, pyfa up t1 frigates you can fly.

See which ones are the best mix of speed and align times for your skills and fits you’d want to run.

Basically make a ghetto inty (you can’t run t2 in the BS hold). So for a base…use the T1 base that makes the inty if the best choice.

Side note of while not a perfect counter, a good thing to offset potential smartbomb camps is really good passive resists. If you hit a running SB party you may not live to turn on actives. Go passive and hope for the best. This is where resist comp sklls to 5 can pay off.

I did know either. I was going to repeat your recommendation but I googled to double check that you could put T2 frigates in the bay.

nuff said

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