Victorieux Luxury Yacht Cov Ops Cloak 5 second timer?

Every other ship I know of that can use a Cov Ops cloak has a reduced 5 seconds re-activation timer, why not this ship?

not even so much a complaint (although I certainly wish it did have one) but a “what is CCP thinking” question.

Would It be OP with the reduced cooldown? Other ships are bubble immune, are far more useful in fight, and can fit a Cov Ops cloak with the reduced timer. Example T3 cruisers. This ship really only has one purpose, why not give it the same functionality with a Cov Ops cloak as other ships have?

What are your thoughts my beloved, kind, gentle spoken capsuleer friends?

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The Astero has a 15 second reactivation. Stratios was the same last time I owned one. Should they also have a 5 second reactivation?

First, it’s purpose is purely travel. It isn’t a stealth war machine nor is it a cargo transport trying to break through gate-camps.

Second, it’s travel speed is OP.

Finally, if you are decloaking a VLY anywhere between your warp from the gate you just came through to the one you are going through, you are doing it wrong and no amount of cloak re-activation delay reduction will, or should, save you from losing your ship.

honestly I thought they did… hmm i’d say well, yes, yes they should

Actually the portion i’m worried with is after you land in a new system, you are gate cloaked, but you must sit there gate-cloaked but vulnerable to smart bombs or whatever, why you wait for your timer to reset so you can warp off and Cov ops cloak.

Is there a obvious strategy I’m missing? I don’t like sitting still that long.

also id argue that BECAUSE it’s purely travel it should have the reactivation reduced, it would make sense for a ship who’s only purpose is safe travel to have the fast cloak, at least in my mind.

people don’t buy victorieux yachts just because of the luxury and the chicks
the features dude…

Does it have leather seats and burnished mahogany handrails?

Edit: you decloak on the approach to the outgate, so your timer starts before you jump.


of course they have this option , its the number one request of the space tik thots

All the seats, chairs and couches in my Victorieux Luxuary Yacht are upholstered with:


Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought gate cloaks also provide invulnerability?

That’s another question I wasn’t sure about. If that is true, then I guess I just sit there until the Cov Ops cloak timer resets then warp away happy, but it is still annoying waiting for the cool down.

If you can get the align time on your yacht below 2 sec, you should be pretty safe on warping away.

I got like three of those

[…] Jump Cloak (or Gate Cloak) is an effect automatically applied to every ship that jumps through a stargate or wormhole. Jump Cloak renders the ship invisible, and invulnerable, until it expires. A ship protected by Jump Cloak cannot be decloaked, damaged, or displaced by any outside means. Jump Cloak lasts for 60 seconds, starting when the server registers the jump completing, or until the cloaked ship attempts to move or enter warp.

Emphasis added for clarity with regards to the question posed here.

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I can get to precisely 2 seconds, or 1.9 with considerable bling lol.

Thank you SO much for that info. That makes the wait time for Cov Ops cooldown annoying still, but not unduly dangerous. Thanks again for your very helpful post Tiragen!

EDIT- making sure the post was marked as a reply.

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FYI it was properly logged as a reply (I got the alert for it an all), the forum just doesn’t show the ‘replied to’ person unless at least one post is between the original post and the reply. It’s a really weird quirk, since it can be unclear when someone has newly joined a thread as to whether they are relying to the OP (which doesn’t tag anything in the reply) or the immediately preceeding post.

I’ve taken to tagging the person I am replying to if there is a risk of confusion on the part of third parties. I tried to quote them, but the forum also likes to eat quotes when you are replying as the next poster with no intervening posts. :expressionless:

Your arguments are legit. This is a reason why I don’t like the ship. It’s not a good design to have a 100% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration and a 30 sec reactivation timer on cloak for a traveling vessel. On every nasty gate camp you have just to sit there for the entire 27-30sec with a “gate cloak” for the device cooldown, because with a 193 m Signature it’s way too risky to warp away even with under 2sec align time.

Back in the day I wrote few posts about how the insta-locker can catch travelceptors… such a drama followed afterwards :smirk: Now you can find a lot of videos on Youtube about how it happens.

A 15 sec timer on a cloak CD could be good, in my opinion.

  • No.
  • Yes.