Feature Request - cloak ship after ejecting

I would like the ability to park my cloaky ship in space, eject the pod. Press a button on my stylish iFob, hear the ship reply with “beep beep” and then cloak till I return from my shopping trip.

This is a great idea. All the smartest people agree.

Thank you.

Super caps would benefit so no

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Thank you for your interest in the iCloak iFob. At this time it is only available for frigates.

Is it available for corvettes like velator?

Frigates are already too versatile so no

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So you want to be able to “park” thousands of ships in a system without a citadel ?
Just anchor a POS or a citadel, problem solved.

Otherwise, how could we still board unattended ships ? Just cloak it, no way to steal it :thinking:

" Grinning Idiot "

i ain’t convinced.


What is this terrible idea week?


it ain’t complete until we make a new thread about how wars need to be tied to structures

There is a special place in Eve hell that Bob sticks people like you


you’ve got no clue what Bob’s hell is like until all of your thousands of corpses start talking to you.

Well PA will do exactly this…

The ability will cost just 50$ and is char bound only not account wide…

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No. Go away.


Sir Balos,

What is PA please?

Moved to Player Features and Ideas.

You return to your bookmark (you did remember to bookmark it!) and you press the button on your iCloak iFob and it decloaks and you can reboard.

Anyone who doesn’t see how useful this feature is isn’t very inventive.

Docking is dangerous.

So it is just what I said. You can already eject from a ship now, let it somewhere and do other things. Even a shopping trip like you said. You just accept the risk that it can be stolen.

You’re idea remove all of this risk. And can be abused, since nothing would prevent you to cloak a thousand ships in any place. That would be great for a large alliance to do this just next to theirs enemy’s back door :thinking:

I can get behind this, but the ships decay in two hours like a can if you don’t return.

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