Change ship in space

I would like to change a ship In space, for example orca for stored caracal, while or a could be cloaked when I’m in caracal.

If you want to switch ships in space you will have to perform the following:

  • In the Orca, open up your cargo/ship/maintenance bay window. If i recall correctly, you will have to toggle something to open up permissions for someone outside the ship to pull stuff out or put stuff in
  • You will have to “exit” the Orca in your escape pod. Simply right click your capacitor and select “exit ship”
  • In your escape pod, right click the Orca and select the Ship Bay
  • Select the ship you want, right-click, and “enter”

Now… here are the problems with this idea:

  • When you exit a ship in space, it is vulnerable to everyone. Any player can jump into it and fly away
  • You cannot cloak or move a ship you are not inside of. It will sit there like a rock
  • A ship with no player inside of it will be easier to destroy. All of the ship stats and modules will default to their base values. And modules will deactivate
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Outside of the above helpful tips from [ShahFluffers]

With a Control tower online and plenty of fuel we are able to make use of switching ships in space, though this method is best used in worm hole space.

When a control tower is placed online it activates a force field that only the owner or corp access list or who has password that we can set ourselves.

If you are out on a belt and rats warp in, it is quicker to recall mining drones and send out combat drones.

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To expand on what Iceacid’s post:

What he is talking about are POS (Player Owned Starbases).

They are basically “giant sticks” with a shield bubble around them.
They can only be anchored around moons and require Fuel Blocks to stay active.

Be advised that the DEVs are in the process of phasing them out. There is no solid timetable on when this will happen so use caution when buying one.

I M not going to use this technic in Tranquility, its just for SISI, because I don’t plan to deploy a base for short time of testing wh life.


But be advised that the same warnings still apply.

If a player on SiSi sees a ship abandoned in space, they may take it or destroy it “just because.”

I know I know, so for that case I M going to make it hard way for them :smiley:

Another side-note to anyone else who may not have posted this, but ships that have a target lock, cannot be boarded.

If you are in an orca, eject, move into your caracal, then lock your orca, no one will be able to board it so long as the orca is targetted by the caracal.

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Ok so simple way, just deploy some structure to store ships and take another like for farming anomalies.

Ok, is there a way how to get fast behind the 14.3 Au range of d scan?

open your system map and warp to a celestial which is beyond this limit, if the system is large enough
or warp from one celestial to another one, if the system is large enough, drop a bookmark between the two places
but many systems are too small and you cannot be out of dscan range

I know about this way.

You can always board your own ship, though.

Unless you be criminal :wink:

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