Is it possible to board an abandoned ship, that isnt yours?

So Im in my Orca, in the Maintenance Bay is my Shield Logi. So in case someone needs help with a Logi, I’d pull it out and board it, to help the other one. But, could a thief board the Orca and steal it, while Im in the Logi? Or is it locked for others than team/corp?

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Anyone can board an unpiloted ship when it is in space… except if it is targeted. If it targeted, then only the original pilot (or perhaps also someone from their corp, I’m not sure) can board it.

So in principle you can hop out of your Orca and board a ship in the Orca’s hanger, and then target your empty Orca and it would be safe from thieves. If someone explodes you however, they get a free Orca. It’s the kinda trick that might work a few times, but if something goes wrong, the cost is high.

Plus, there is the issue that you can’t get involved as a neutral logistic ship anymore if the person you want to assist is fighting another player. But I guess that is another discussion.

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Or use a target breaker. That’s happened :rofl:

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Im wondering if CCP ever heard about security locks? I know they heard about them, because security container got that feature, but somehow, ships dont? Really weird…
I mean, even today, no one would leave his car unlocked in an unsafe place. So whats wrong with their thinking that every pilot can board someone elses ship w/o any kind of effort (like hacking the entrance)?


Sounds nice but better not :slight_smile:

The Orca has bonuses for remote shield reps and six high slots. I would suggest three foreman bursts, one tractor and two shields RR. You can also carry flights of maintenance drones for hull and/or armor repairs.

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