Does the Orca Maintenance Bay protect ships inside it?

I want to know because this may save my miner from gankers and would be useful for saving other ships in high sec space from Blood Raiders and Trig scouts as well.

They are save in there until the orca gets blown up.

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If you send your ships in a ship maintenance array, they cannot be harmed at all.

However, once your Orca goes boom, the ship in its maintenance bay will act as items in the regular cargo : they roll the dice to see if the explosion destroys them, or if they survive it and can then be retrieved from the wreck, and possibly stolen by someone else/put in the gankers’ hauler (especially if you were using Exhumers).

What I can give you as an advice is to keep multiple flights of both light and medium drones in your Orca, and fit remote shield boosters modules in your free highslots. The Orca has enough high power slot to actually have some RR modules, and still keep other modules like Command bursts. Unless you’re in a system with a nearby pirate FOB, Blood Raider rats shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Triglavian scouts can have valuable salvage and cargo, so killing them can also net you some ISK if you put a Salvager and tractor beam on your Orca.

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Also don’t forget that your mining ship must have nothing in its cargo other than ammo/charges or you won’t be able to store it in an SMB, so make sure you are looting and salvaging the belt rats with an Orca and not with your Barge/Exhumer.

It’s more an issue about the ore, that has to be moved in theorca fleet bay.

Yeah, I learned that when some rats attacked me. But it’s not much of an issue for me since I salvaged with my Orca to begin with. I use a Hulk optimized for ice mining, so I don’t have any high slots or drone slots left for salvaging.

Yes it does

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