Regarding Bowhead/Orca MB Docking


So I was planning to use my (alts) Bowhead in a Newbro/random op, and was googling in search of exploits people with ill intentions could use against me if I gave them fleet access to the hangar.

Then I stumbled over this thread It should not be possible to avoid ship loss in combat by storing your ship in a bowhead

Sadly it was to late to reply, but I’m amazed not more pilots from the mining community replied.

I understand the concerns in that thread and the possible need for change, but I have to say the solutions are a bit egocentric, and don’t take any consideration for anyone that don’t play like they are. And seemingly not for the intended role of the ships either.

If you had a glance at the thread, all of their ways to “solve” the issue results in no more safe harbour for Industrials. Taking away the only way to dock and fight back unless you double the size of your mining fleet. The only exception in a few “solutions” is turning the bowhead pilot yellow, so he/she can be held responsible for what every fleet member does.

How is that acceptable solutions?

Not to mention your seriously killing the intended role and setting of a Bowhead, as well as any slight opportunity to utilize it outside a Corp op.

I hope CCP can resolve any unfair exploit around the docking situation if that is what happened, but if using any of the suggestions in that thread, please make a exception for Industrials.

And please don’t make it so a Bowhead/Orca pilot is forcefully a accomplice for all fleet members. Making pugs is hard and risky enough already!

Thank you.

Just because I know it’s coming I will reply in advance:

*if you give hangar access they can steal everything.

I know, and I wouldn’t care. I was planning on filling it with t1 ventures and cheap frigates hunting down mining opportunities in cosmic Anomalies, mabe jump into a WH and take some risks, Just trowaway fits. And really, if anyone runs off with a low cost Venture or frigate good on them, I was planning to offer it anyway.

I’m aware it could be “spies”, and should the Bow get blown because I’m reckless I am ok with that to.
I might be a bit salty if CODE blows it up for not having a permit for every person in the fleet, but I expect something dumb to happen eventually.

I am not ok getting it blown up because of some exploit a fleet member with ill intentions abuses.
I am not ok having to be accountable for every fleet members action in order to utilize the ships primary functions.
And as above, not letting industrials keep the safe harbour in case they get tagged, just screams against it’s purpose, design, and plotline.

In the original thread they don’t even care if they create a new exploit that could be used against people like Mike A or anyone else, as long as no one got a unfair advantage against how they play.

Yeah sorry if you red this, I unintentionally necroed a 2020 thread, red it as apr 20.
wonder how it turned out.

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