So I thought of a way to make the Bowhead more popular, just add an ore hold!

What I mean by “Add an ore hold”, is add a button in the fitting window that allows the pilot to swap the huge fleet hangar for an even larger ore hold. The way I see it is that when a pilot is hauling fitted ships, the reason that the fleet hangar is only 1.6mil m^3 is that the ships inside can’t be clipping through each other, so there is a lot of empty space between the ships.

So what I’m proposing is a way to move about 1.7mil m^3 of ore, this would make the Bowhead the last word in hauling ore, something I feel like ORE needed to facilitate in order to more efficiently move ore around their territory.

I’m still thinking out the specifics, so if you have any improvements or recommendations feel free to post them. o7

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because orcas and compression aren’t a thing not to mention miners should be immune to the drawbacks of freighters


And it would get bumped and ganked like every other freighter and miners would once again flock to the forum whining about bumping and ganking. The loss of 1.7 million m3 of compressed ice would be quite hilarious though…


You are right about that, that said I didn’t mean for it to entirely replace freighters and jump freighters when it comes to moving ore through certain areas. Simply give pilots a more efficiant option to move ore. About the bumping and ganking, people who carry that much without an escort should know the risks

and why exactly would i use a freighter over this?

1,7m m3 ore hold… Whats wrong with a freighter?

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Well, the ore hold cannot fit compressed anything. Only the raw stuff. At least thats my experience with the orca.

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The Bowhead is used to transport fitted ships. If you want more bowheads around, make more contracts to haul fitted ships…
I tought of a way making barges more popular in HighSec, give them a P.A.N.I.C. button that also calls a fleet of CONCORD.
See? Looks tempting but will break the game mechanics…


what experience is that? anything with the asteroid tag has always been able to.


Any ship with an ore hold can haul compressed ore and ice…

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yeh i rembered wrong, my bad.

Bowheads just need a SKIN with a large “gank me” down the side.


Get in line, I am still waiting on a yellow school bus paint scheme



Ooh, with the flashing red lights and the little stop sign. Nice!


Would be nice to trade cargo space for wepons, armor, engins etc…

Say take a freighter and fill it’s cargo hold with a gigantic reactor and cap along with power conduits and CPU banks and a bracket of 8 high slots 8 mids and 8 lows along with a massive engine upgrade.

Fly through Jita gates you know gankers are located.

Surprise!!! :smiley:

a if you want to defend a freight ship use escorts

B no one is going to be surprised when they can see the weapons visible on your hull and can ship scan your fit while bumping you

Give it a special feature to prevent scanning and retractable weapons mountings. ;3


just bring a hyena

You are no fun. :frowning:

Careful what you wish for, CCP giveth and CCP taketh away…