T2 Jump "Bowhead" Freighter

(Eric Lemmonte) #1

A tech 2 Bowhead as a Jump Freighter for ships sounds like a great idea. I would suggest they be similar in material cost as existing Jump Freighters.

(Scipio Artelius) #2

Yeah it’s not a bad idea.

(Eric Lemmonte) #3

Currently I can’t think of anything this could break. Perhaps it will make the more competent players safer in hauling their ships but it also can come with a huge risk. Jump Freighters already get killed.

Possible balancing options for going to T2 might be:

  • Reduced Tank - Make it more like a freighter, etc…
  • Reduced Fittings - Same as above ^
  • Jump Range - Make it an awkward range. More than Carriers but less than existing JF.
  • Jump Fatigue - Possibly no bonus to this.
  • Smaller Bay - Where would the jump drive go if not the cargo bay?

I wouldn’t say change all of those things. But those are what come to mind as possible and fair compromises.

(Chocolate Pickle) #4

Already exists: it’s called a carrier.

(Do Little) #5

Carriers and dreadnoughts already have 1 million M3 ship maintenance bays so the problem the Bowhead solves is mainly in highsec - even there an Orca can carry anything smaller than a battleship in it’s 400,000 M3 ship maintenance bay.

(Eric Lemmonte) #6

The major benefit would be that they could potentially jump a LOT further than a carrier.

Not anymore. Bay is the same size but ship class is restricted.

(Cade Windstalker) #7

Tank doesn’t matter anywhere you can actually jump-drive to.

The Bowhead already has pretty minimal fittings.

If you kill it’s ability to actually jump then what’s the point?

If a ship that can only hold 3 Battleships and change gets less space then, again, what’s the point?

In general I’m kind of wondering what the point here is. A Bowhead can only hold assembled ships, and only a few of them at that. A fully tank-fit Jump Freighter can fit three packaged Battleships easily, and cargo fit it can fit something like twice that many.

On top of that the Bowhead is mainly used in High Sec and that’s its primary use-case, where a Jump Drive is about as useful as wings on a whale.

Really, what’s the point here?

(Daichi Yamato) #8

Wut? Link?

(system) #9

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