Proposal - T3 Jump Freighter

We really need a cross between a Bowhead and a jump freighter theres a major gap to move a large number of ships quickly if you cant titan bridge multiple freighters.

Can we consider a jump freighter with the ship maintenance bay of a bowhead but with 10% bonus to space per level instead of 5%

Your proposal and slapping a T3 label on it doesn’t make sense. Just call it a T2 Bowhead. T3 would imply that it has the ability to change itself to fit the situation on the fly.


As a wormhole dweller, I support the concept of it being a t3.
Gotta increase demand for our gas and sleepier salvage somehow!

Well come up with an idea that supports using the mats that come from there. Why would a JF require tech that is highly adaptive and changeable.

Hey, this isn’t my idea. I’m just in favour of more t3s, make it worth breaking out the huffers.

If i’t can’t reconfigure itself, then it’s not T3

I think I saw another topic about having a T2 Bowhead somewhere, a bowhead that can jump could be cool

a T3C cant recunfigure itself … you need to dock and simply refit

a JF has about 1/3 cargo of a “normal” freighter. why should a T2 version of a bowhead with jumpdrive has more space ? dosnt make sense …

Because it’s a T3, not a puny T2?

The reason for T3 was the JF is already a T2 version of a freighter, hence the reason for T3 so it actually does make sense.
( i mean tbh i dont really care I just want the ship its can be called bobs your uncle for all i care)

I think your giong in the wrong direction here bud, the suggestion is just a JF that can move large amount of ships. thats it

Dont get hung up on T3, it was purely as mentioned the JF is already T2, so if you think T2 Bowhead works better then fine

because you might as well just use a carrier then

a carrier can’t go into hisec, which is what i get the feeling he wants to do.

i could be wrong.

Then just allow carriers in hisec.

or just use the Bowhead and fly araound with it oO you cant use the cyno´s in HS anyway and every HS pleb will just lose his expensive super imba T2/T3 Bowhead on a kickout station or on a safe spot because “if i´m on a safe spot nobody can harm me” unless the cyno paints you a big cross on your shiney usesless and overpowered ship

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