T2 Bowhead with Jump Drive

I have seen this kind of post like this.
And I also thought that carrier is a good candidate at that time.

But for now I am trying some new and find that carrier/dread is not a replacement in this case.

The reason is that carrier/dread cannot dock in astrahus, and I totally understand the reason.

For me, I need a T2 Bowhead with jump drive to carry blackops, bomber, and T3C moving around some astrahus.

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The problem is to balance it vs the standard bowhead you will be giving up a lot of space. I do not use a Bowhead but expect if it was to get hit with the same loss as Jump Freighters it would kind of make it hard to justifie been in game. I am not 100% sure not in game right now but i think the Jump Drive hit Freighters with like a 65% loss in cargo space not sure the JD Bowhead would be worth using if it lost that much.

I always thought a Black Ops capital ship that could carry covert ships and the pilots would be cool.

The ship would be able to jump and it would have an ability that would allow the fleet to break target lock, dock in the capital and jump.

To me the entire failing of the black ops concept in EVE is due to being missing the “run” in “hit and run”.

This would be a low/null only ship.

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