Black OPs and Bastion Modules?


Why though? Don’t you want to stay mobile so that you can warp off when too much opposition lands?


Marauders and black ops are two different types of T2 battleships with different roles.

Sure, CCP could combine them. In that case I would like a covops d-scan immune recon assault cruiser hybrid. Preferably with hictor bubble on top.

Could it be done by CCP? Yes.

Would it be a smart thing to do, with regards to game balance? Certainly not.

Likewise your black ops marauder would be way too powerful. A battleship capable of clearing high end PvE content but with a covops jump drive? A black ops PvP ship with the damage output of a Marauder?

It would be silly.


Black ops bastion is the cloak. Get outta dodge! You got the fleet there, now don’t lose that $$$$ ship.

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It would be yet another “I win!” for the folks with a loose credit card.

It would be an unbalanced “I win” option for any player with such a ship.

Better option:

Give all battleships a limited jump drive. But hey, CCP’s obsession with battleships being sub-capital and 1/4 the build requirements of a carrier is long and well established.

Like, a micro jump drive?

They already have one. And if you’re suggesting all battleships get the jump drives that define capital ships (and black ops as a very special case): lol no

I do not, in fact, mean a micro jump drive, but a real jump drive.

Capital ships defined by jump drives?



Le sigh.

I wish people would stop trying to rationalize CCP’s bad decisions and take two friggan seconds and look at how absolutely absurd CCP has divided and decided and cut the ship classes. It’s dumb. Also, the concept of ships not having a jump drive but being able to jump because magic bridge is pretty bad, too. Makes total sense for hurling an Obelisk through space.

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I think there’s a rule disallowing capital ships from entering highsec systems, which none of those ships is affected by… quite opposite, actually, those ships are used almost exclusively in highsec. There’s also a restriction in terms of what stations capital ships can dock in, which, again, doesn’t affect any of the listed ships.

In case of the orca, it doesn’t even require the capital ship skill to be piloted.

I understand all this. On the same token, all the capital ships that are affected by the disallowing rule can also dock in almost the same range of stations as all these ships, excepting the smallest structures… aaaaaaannndddd excepting again that the fenrir can somehow dock in these structures but it’s bigger than a nidhoggur. It’s the super capitals that have most the docking restrictions.

But that’s the point. There is no commonality between what is and isn’t a capital ship, just whatever arbitrary rule CCP has applied to this ship class or that, and then whether it can do this or that because CCP says so. Oh, and the nidhoggur, despite being smaller also takes near enough to twice as many parts to make(no, I’m not gonna break out my old spreadsheets and get exact trit counts, just a ballpark number of actual components). And then if that’s not enough, somehow a packaged battleship is what, 1/26th the size of a packaged ‘capital ship’? And all that’s before you look at the signature radii on them and man is that a laugh, especially when you’re actually in space with these ships and see, huh, yeah, they’re a little different in actual physical size, but NOWHERE near enough to justify a 10k sig rad compared to a 330m sig rad. It’s ludicrous.

I get it, it’s a 19 year old game that’s seen a lot of change since it was released. But this whole fustercluck of ‘Oh yes, that’s a capital ship because CCP says so, and that one isn’t’ and then people trying to justify it when it’s no more than just whatever CCP says at the time or else completely nonsensical is… well, nonsensical.

They should introduce t3 battleships that can do that

No they shouldn’t.

Yes they should

I fly black ops on a regular basis. The widow is my most used ship over the last year.

No, they really shouldn’t.

Both marauders and black ops are borderline OP for their current price and put a huge amount of power in subcap hulls. We don’t need even more powerful battleships, particularly ones with jump drives, cloaking boosts or bastion modules.


Are you using the Widow for regular black ops ops or does it have other cool purposes.

Regular blops drops with other black ops groups, bombers bar fleets, etc.

It works for 10/10 DEDs too if you’re inclined to that.

Everyone can fly anything. Just a matter of time. CCP should be adding content, not changing it

Just because everyone could fly a ship that’s much stronger than the rest of the ships does not mean it is a good idea to introduce a ship that is much stronger than the rest.

All it would do is introduce powercreep: it makes the other ships useless and the result is that players have a more limited choice of viable ships to use.

A good way to introduce new ships is adding ships that are different than the existing ships. Ships with new strengths and weaknesses, as that means players get more ships to choose from. Example: the introduction of triglavian and edencom ships.

A bad way to introduce new ships is by taking an existing format that is already viable and adding extra unnecessary power to it. Example: this thread.

powercreep is a made up term to keep losers happy because at the end of the day the same people that whine about it go acquire the better mods/hulls. You just presume that CCP wouldn’t knee cap it in some capacity like they do with everything else but your presumption is just an excuse to keep things stagnant. Eve needs content added. Not content changed.