New Black Ops line questions

Is this being seriously considered for something that may be implemented in the future? This is in reference to the Talking in Stations Aftershow with Fozzie on 1/28/18. Also would we be able to get any more information about them?

Operating on rumors wont get you far.
especially with CCP infamous implimentation speed.


Hence why im asking for an official response :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not going to get you much further.

If I had to guess I’d go with “soon™”


The problem with official responses is “this is something we’d like to look at if we had time” tends to morph into “you promised”. Even stuff they announced at Fanfest last year, like turret & launcher tiercide got bumped by shifting priorities (only industrialists like me care about that stuff :disappointed:). We’ll get an official response when they’re ready to deploy to Singularity and solicit player feedback. If you want to know sooner, win a seat on CSM and sign the NDA.

Having naught but what you’ve said to work with (I’m way too lazy to listen to the Talking In Stations stuff), I’ll simply fall back to my ultra-consise wishlist for blackops battleships(both of which are exclusive of each other, I wouldn’t want both as it’d be insanely OP).

  1. Split blops into two separate lines, combat and force. Make new Combat BBs work with Combat Recons (much tankier, dscan immune, no cloak, able to bridge combat recons), and existing BBs into Force BBs with little to no changes.
  2. Give the blops battleships bomb launchers. My god. So much sexy. Void bombs to become the ultimate cap hunters, regular bombs to become incredibly dangerous for anchored subcap blobs and counter-drops. Might have an actual reason to fly them beyond swinging your dick around.

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