T2 Battleship PvP update - 2020

Hello everyone,

I’ve been thinking about the role of Marauders and Black Ops in the game for quite some time now and I’d like to hear your opinion on some of my suggestions that I’d have for both Marauders and Black Ops. One of the ideas for Marauders I found in a different thread which didn’t center around these two ships though.


  • Giving the Bastion Module a dmg-spool-up of somewhere between 10-20%, for up to 5 times
  • Giving a module that can completely bring one ship to a stand-still within a certain range


  • Giving them a dps buff of overall 25-50% together with a slight debuff in tank maybe

If you have more, better or different ideas how to make these two ship types more appealing for PvP, please leave a comment :slight_smile:

Fly safe o/
Collin Enderasom

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Give the Kronos its old web bonus and ill be happy.

Is a range from 1200 to 1400 dps not good enough for you?

Black ops are fine as they are.

Don’t know what kind of fit you’re basing it off, but the only way I can see these dmg numbers work is with a full dmg fit and even then I barely get it to 1400. As soon as you fit some tank (and I’d say you’d want at least some tank) you’ll drop to somewhere around 800-1000. So, yes I think a slight buff to them might be worthwhile

…or you could go back to the drawing board…

Being able to take on 20 players at once in a Golem isn’t good enough for you?

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They already have this module, it’s call “bastion module I” and it brings one ship (the Marauder it’s fit to) to a complete stand-still :slight_smile:



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