[Proposal] Bastion module rework

Reduce the 50 % rate of fire bonus to 30 - 33 % . This way marauders will be balanced.

I am not a fan of nerfing ships right now - I’d rather balance by improving DPS for other ships if that’s necessary.

To hell with that.
Where is my T2 bastion module that reduces rate of fire delay by 66%, an extra 7.5% resists, and 12.5% extra boosting amount in line with T2 siege modules!?

That said, a T2 fit (sans the bastion module, which will remain T1) marauder being similar in cost to a T2 fit pirate battleship and relatively close to a navy battleship (4 extra guns at 50 mil each compared to fitting a marauder adds up quick) means that something is out of whack. I expect the recently announced moon changes will tighten up the T2 material supply and raise the prices a bit, though I feel that it’s more fundamental with marauders being a bit too cheap to manufacture compared to a black ops battleship.

They will have to improve almost all of the t1 cruisers and combat battlecruisers, if they would take this direction instead.

As for the bastion module , it would not be a nerf , just a proper balance as of how it is now it’s a bit too much.

Do you have any reasoning as to why you think it’s a bit too much?

Depending on fit, you pump the DPS of 2-3 battleships , for the same cost of a pirate battleship hull, that generally do about 1/3 of the DPS of a marauder.

In the past marauders didn’t quite had a justification for the needed amount of skill points and price, that before they even had bastion module. Economically, skill points wise and DPS wise, you were just as better with a faction or pirate battleship hull.
Then they got the bastion module without the current rate of fire bonus, giving them an insane tank but with a longer “siege duration” than now, for later things to change and have HAW dreads as a way better option and almost for the same cost.
Things changed again and now marauders are the way to go as being way more affordable than a dread these days, but again they are off balanced with the current rate of fire of the bastion module, which was too generous to begin with. So we’re left with 2 options , tamper with the bastion module -which i think is the right way to do it- or drastically lower the prices on pirate battleship hulls.
Giving bastion module a rate of fire bonus was a good and needed change, the problem is that it received too much of it.

Most likely CCP will tackle this in the future as marauders are already on their radar. We’ll just have to wait and see how they will approach this.

This is what I would prefer to happen, rather than nerfing marauders.


When are pirate marauders coming out?

It is a possibility. They have readjusted once the new industry component amounts for plain T1 hulls such as battleships to become affordable, they can do the same for the pirate versions.

Please don’t nerf marauders.

if this happens they need their ECM invul back when bastion is on

What I would do:

  1. The Ewar resistance should only apply to Ewar from NPC ships, not players
  2. Marauders should not be allowed in ESS sites
  3. Maybe consider removing 1 hi slot on each marauder, so they can fit less neuts/smartbombs.

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