Bowhead - nomadic lifestyle


I like to play the nomadic life style on my alts from Shattered wormholes.
So the best way now is to use a Orca for storing loot and ships and then leave it cloaked.

My problem is that the M3 storage is way to big and i cant rly bring a lot of ships with me…
The Bowhead would be perfect for this if ccp change a couple little things

1 - give it at least 1 high slot for a cloak
2 - reduce the total mass to a BS size ( 300 kk kg ) or more high slots so you can fit the Zero-Point Mass Entangler

This wil give a better option for nomadic life style in wormhole space sinds the maintenance bay is 1.7m m3 and you have a 4k m3 cargo hold for storage

Let me know what you guys think about this.

o/ Fly Dangerous


The correct solution is for CCP to introduce small citadels, not fundamentally change what the bowhead is.

You cannot anchor structures in Shattered wormholes

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Why is your dream to do this only in shattered wormholes?

Not only Shattered wormholes but all - the point is being nomadic and not being “stuck” in a specific wormhole


You can anchor mobile depots there I think. Asking for small citadels to behave like mobile depots sounds like a great idea to me. There are some problems with changing the bowhead around.

You can indeed anchor a depot in the wh’s but i also want to bring ships.
You cant store those in that.

What kinda problems are you thinking of with the Bowhead changes?

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I like the general idea, I think CCP should implement a new ship, an exploration ‘Base Ship’ that can cloak, scan for Cosmic Signatures and haul different fit ships that’s needed to run various types of exploration sites.

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Sounds like a SOE “freighter”.

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So I’ve spent the bulk of my EVE time in wormholes. Not too much nomadic, but I have done it with an Orca (and sometimes by accident when getting my orca stuck on the wrong side of a collapsed WH, but that is a different tale).

So first off, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with your initial premise. The orca’s SMA is pretty big at 400,000m3. You can easily fit 4 cruisers and a frigate inside, which should be more than enough for most wormhole activities.

Strategic cruisers on top of that are well suited for WH life. Heck with the last round of changes they are even easier, to the point you can be nomadic in WH space solo with just some fittings and a depot.

Even if you wanted more SMA space, I’m not a fan of trying to change the bowhead. It is a capital sized ship like the rest, so trying to make it smaller IMO isn’t a great option.

Personally I think a cooler solution would be to have adjustments available via modules (or rigs) for the orca. You could have some that give you increases to SMA size, maybe at the expense of other cargo. Or you could make the bays modular. So for example you have basically 3 cargo bays. Cargo, ore and SMA.

Maybe you are just using your orca to haul, So you put 3 cargo bays in those slots for max cargo. Maybe you are hauling ships, so 3 SMA. Or maybe for a fleet mining op you dont need cargo or ship storage so you go 3 ore hold for max ore carrying.

That would actually give the orca lots of flexibility, not just for this one case but for all orca users.


That’s a pretty cool idea, except instead of changing the Orca, create a new ‘Base Ship’ that players can customize using your modular refit idea and have it set up like T3 Cruisers with different sub-systems.

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Could make it like a tech 2 orca. It still could retain the base orca properties for mining and industry but somewhat more modular.


lets call them “Highsec cancer, stage 3.”

Yes the Orca is not that bad but when you want to be on the move for a longer time, but the SMA is just a little bit to small.
You could ask CCP to make a new modules but how often do they actually do that… (only time i saw that was with the whole HIC drama aka zero point module)
Better to change some stats of a existing ship to make it easy for them to implement.
Strats are indeed a very versatile ship but i for one don’t like to be limited to those ships since you lose SP when you die in it.
Also you say the Bowhead needs to stay a capital ship but don’t forget that the Orca is also a capital ship with only 150kk mass so the BS size i was suggesting is still double that.
Also i suggested that you can keep the mass on it and allow fitting of the zero point module to reduce the mass on it, maybe even so that you have to unfit the cloak to get true some wormholes.

Either way i don’t rly see a downside for reducing the mass on the Bowhead.
In the end it will make the ship more versatile like the Orca is already and makes it to be used more by players.
I don’t know the stats but i never see them flying around.

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Love it dude, CCPlease fix this

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Thnx Bud

Nomadic in this case means solo.

Try a single player game.


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The Bowhead isn’t designed for this. I don’t see the point in ruining a ship just to appease one kid on the forums.

This isn’t okay at all. If you want to be a Nomad, fine, but you can’t be a Nomad that can cover a lot of options. That’s just not how it works. You have to accept the sacrifices. What you’re basically trying to do is playing solo, with only one character, as if you were several people.

That’s not acceptable.

A cloaked bowhead could easily be put anywhere, cloaked, just waiting. He could easily deliver plenty of ships to people. Cloak, drop ship, uncloak. So then CCP would need to add some extra rules to make sure people don’t abuse it.

All for the one guy who thinks that being a nomad shouldn’t mean significant sacrifices.

Yeah, no.
This is bad.

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I would rather see a new variant of the Porpoise with a SMA big enough for a couple of fitted frigates.