The Nomadic Miner

Ok, Explo.

Here’s an idea for a ship.

Take the Porp. Lose it’s boosting stuff and leave it with like only 1 or 2 high slots.

Keep the Ore Hold & Fleet Hanger.

Add a Ship Maintenance Bay of about 50k m3.


You put your scanny ship for anomalies in there. Plus a ‘folded up’ Mining Barge, or a couple of Ventures ( 1 for Gas, 1 for Ore ). Then you roam the Anomalies.

I think that that would be fun. 2p deposited :slight_smile:

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I thought some people already live out of orcas in some wh systems

The ULTIMATE RV, EVE online style

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aahhh Brok … your fitting skill has become so legendary that your name has become a descriptive verb …
… as in “he is Broking the fit” meaning someone who takes a perfectly good fit and turns it into a piece of shite

well done … keep up the good work !! :wink: :rofl:

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Or you can just use an orca for that. It has the same skills needed to fly as the porpoise. There is no point in getting rid of some high slots of the porpoise since its primary purpose is to give boost.

If you want to live a nomadic style in wh space, just grab an orca, fill it with the ships you need and you are good to go. Don’t forget the cloak in your orca.

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A Porp with Gas Nozzles would be good too.

Another 2p deposited.

The problem with the Orca is that it can only go into so many types of WHs while the Porpoise can go into all… unless I forgot something that allows an Orca to fit into C1 and C2 WHs?

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I think the Orca can fit in minimum of large wormholes, not smaller. So yeah, you don’t have a lot of those in low class wormholes, but they are ubiquitous in C5 or C6.

Anyone have a nice fit for a nomad Orca?

I’ve been recommending exploration mining vessel like that for years with a bay where you could put a barge but they’re never going to do it because there’s too many greedy ns greasing the pockets of CCP to keep the game from expanding NS rules the world they can screw up the whole game because they give the most money to CCP


Join wingspan

Since when does WiNGSPAN have nomadic miners ?

Ever since Skiffs have become potent pvp machines

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