Nomadic Orca or mobile base for WH living

(Madison Adele Lee) #1

Trying to get an idea of a ship fit for an orca to act as mobile base for me, unless there is another ship better for the job. I’ll be multi-boxing 4 accounts. Any suggestions? This has probably been done or asked before. I’m a returning player.

(Zoltan Irvam) #2


it can be done - you’ll be limited to Class 2 and higher. Make sure to fit a cloak and stay cloaked on a deep safe at all times unless you need to access the Orca and have made sure that D Scan is clear. When you log out, make sure D is clear and use log out securely while mashing D - if you see combat probes and sth gets close, break the logoff securely sequence and cloak up again.

If you move, scout ahead…


(Trevor Dalech) #3

Is there any reason why you per se want to use an orca as base? For the cost of that orca you could probably also anchor a raitaru, this frees up one of your accounts and is a lot safer.

(Jeko Dwardeen) #4

I’ve been thinking of doing the same in the very near future

You can easily move out to another hole.

You don’t have to wait 7 days to unanchor the cita and move out

And you can uses a small pos as a hutt too

Plus it’s can be a funny and challenging experience

If you want to stick with only high class you can use a Carrier or a dread

(Daoden) #5

Cloak, ECM drones and a burst jammer just incase. Could fit remote reps if your combat pilots goes into hull/armor he can be repaired.

(Madison Adele Lee) #6

It’s not truly mobile. It takes 7 days to unanchor a cita. I don’t want to wait that long.

(Madison Adele Lee) #7

I’ve also thought about using a small POS. Didn’t think about using a carrier or dread though. Maybe use both an orca and another capital for ratting. Thanks for the idea.

(Madison Adele Lee) #8

Thanks for the advice. Any idea on a ship fit though? One that’s been through trial by fire?

(Madison Adele Lee) #9

Thanks for the idea.

(Jeko Dwardeen) #10

I’d say :

Astero for scanning and doing data/relic and hunting explorer
venture for gas huffing
Couple of T3C with multiple refit for pve/pvp

and regarding the orca :

med repairer (hull/armor) in high, cloak, probes,
Med : 500mn MWD, burst jammer
Low tank

Rigs : hyperspatial

(Uriel the Flame) #11

If you carry out with this and don’t mind, consider writing a blog about your experience and adventures, even if delayed by a month or such so people can’t use it as an intel tool against you. Would be interested to read how it goes with this nomadic lifestyle.

(veshna wildsun) #12

I used to use one as part of my WH pvp team. The orca would generally be there watching the hole I was camping, but on the hs side to watch the incoming hole. I had a small selection of ships in it for different situations, plus a lot of refits.

I did occassionally bring it into the hole, and even killed a few surprised explorers right on the hs with a sebo fit. If I was still WHing I would go with a pos or orca. Citadels and other structures have too much liability.

(Madison Adele Lee) #13

Haha, not a bad idea. I just might. Might be epic story of me getting blown up lol.

(Madison Adele Lee) #14

I was thinking the same thing.

(Madison Adele Lee) #15

So you would armor tank the orca?

(Jeko Dwardeen) #16

Hull tank it (on mine there is just a reactor control unit and a damage control)

But to be honest if you’re caught you’ll die :smiley:

(Madison Adele Lee) #17

Hahaha, that’s very true lol.

(Mr Mysterio) #18

many have done this, when I was in an old WH corp (one of the first) and I got board I packed up all 4 toons, orcha, small poss with fuel and straunt, 2 brutix navies, scout ships, , 3-4 ventures (no more off grid links tho), and would ninja mine C5 and C6s super gas before and after server reset, you map it all out, partk the orcha in the small poss and mine till the sleepers spawn then do it again at server reset. back then I would get every thing in a day and a half, keep moving when needed, and then hit HS and off load a few bill in gas, or I would take it back to the C6 this is allot of work lol and then process it.

(Dirty Camper) #19

Can u even hold ships that aren’t industrials? not sure because the rorqual can’t?

(Jeko Dwardeen) #20

Yep you can

I had one gila, one astero, one legion on saber and one venture :slight_smile: