Question on the Loki for nomadic WH living

Howdy friends. In the near future I plan to pack up the majority of my K-space bound possessions into an Orca alt and dive headfirst into the wormhole nomad life. I spend most of my time in WH space already, doing exploration, but recently I’ve had the urge to dig deeper to see how well I can hack it solo. Before I dig too deep I wanted to pick your brains about ship choices, the Loki in particular.

I understand that T3Cs are pretty much the way to go for WH life, particularly if I want to run C3 anomalies without staging in-system, but I’m a bit ignorant on the current state of T3 balance and fittings. I did try and make a go of solo WH life in a pulse Legion a while back but found myself struggling to deal with certain types of sleepers, particularly groups of webbing cruisers and frigates. My plan this time was to take a HAM Loki out for PvE. Ammo shouldn’t be an issue with the Orca’s hold and the drones would be a massive help in dealing with frigates. Is this a solid plan or is there something big I’m overlooking?

sleepers absolutely eat drones

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you ever notice this when you keep range but if you get up close with more dps they leave them alone? Like the AI identifies the difference in threat level of the players ships fits or whats on the field?

I have no evidence to “proove” my idea is correct, I am simply stating as an opinion, not a fact. :slight_smile:

dunno I need to take a look, been a while since I was in a wormhole

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I’ve done C1/2 daytripping in drone boats before. While it’s true that they like to gnaw on them more often than pirates, at the range the frigates like to engage I should still have plenty of time to pull them back into the bay. Especially if I splurge on some Navy drones for some extra EHP.

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I love the faction drones for said reason… Prefer the gal one myself, Either with my Vaga or Vargur for WH pve, they do better than t2 drones imo, but if you dont watch them they can eat one up fast. I also noticed if I use an alt, sasy a second Vaga or Vargur, then they dont mess with my drones as much… but again, I am in their face… they dont have much time to deal with the drones.

I noticed the same for carrier ratting, after the changes to the signature radius, that they took a lil more dmg than usual. Well I happen to just have a second alt of mine skill up to fly a sister carrier, so I obviously tried ratting with two carriers per sanctum, and man, A, they clear the sites FAST, B, they hardly took any damage, HOWEVER if I was slow, or at ease… in my ratting, they would succeed in dealing damage to my drones/fighters. :slight_smile:

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