Nomadic Orca or mobile base for WH living

(Nick Bison) #21

Zoltan speaks the truth.
Good advice

(Madison Adele Lee) #22

Orca is able to carry other ships. Not sure about the Rorqual.

(3nki) #23

Rorq is Indy ships only

(Lugburz) #24

Shattered and drifter wormholes?

id advise cloak, maybe remote reps of all kinds (yes even hull) probably wise to have a couple of fits form moving (istabs or wstabs) to combat, hauling or just support; just make sure you have a mobile depot.
In most cases though you will want to keep it hidden so id advise against anything that makes your sig bloom, on that note you could try just putting a bunch of sebos and sig amps on but im not sure how effective that would be considering sig rad is 1k.
You could test in on sisi, anything that can avoid you getting combat probed in one or two hits is probably a bonus; i mean if/when your uncloaked for what ever reason.

(Shiroe Kumamato) #25

So? Did you do it?

I’m considering trying this as well w/ 3-4 accts and would love an update!