Nomadic Orca or mobile base for WH living

Zoltan speaks the truth.
Good advice

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Orca is able to carry other ships. Not sure about the Rorqual.

Rorq is Indy ships only

Shattered and drifter wormholes?

id advise cloak, maybe remote reps of all kinds (yes even hull) probably wise to have a couple of fits form moving (istabs or wstabs) to combat, hauling or just support; just make sure you have a mobile depot.
In most cases though you will want to keep it hidden so id advise against anything that makes your sig bloom, on that note you could try just putting a bunch of sebos and sig amps on but im not sure how effective that would be considering sig rad is 1k.
You could test in on sisi, anything that can avoid you getting combat probed in one or two hits is probably a bonus; i mean if/when your uncloaked for what ever reason.

So? Did you do it?

I’m considering trying this as well w/ 3-4 accts and would love an update!


interested parties want to know if you’ve gone through with this?


Im nomadic soloing in my ship in C5, rarely in C6, 1 character, 1 window, maximum hardcore :smiley:


You want to fit for maximum mobility. Nano lows and hyperspatial rigs. Everything else should be utility. Bring remote armor/hull reps to refit to, cloak/probes are a must. Having a smartbomb for dictor bubbles would be useful, also a neut in case you get tickled by an inty or something.

Tank isnt really worth it; if you’re caught you’re dead. So any utility you can think of is going to outweigh tank.

Don’t ignore the drone bonus. Having a flight of defense drones can be clutch.

But that’s just, like, my opinion.


If you have four accounts you use at the same time, then you should be fine with the Orca. Definitely needs a cloak, of course, but that’ll also wreck your scanres. Also important: bring more mobile depots than you believe you’re going to need.

You might also want to look at secure cans increasing your cargo hold without any significant drawbacks. These cans can carry more volume than they’re requiring, giving you a free boost in cargo capacity at the cost of needing to structure your cargo into seperate cans.


Me and a friend did this recently. had an orca, 2 rattlesnakes, ventures, cheetahs, interceptors, and salvage destroyers. 7 char total. 3 were dedicated to sitting in ships, (orca and rattles) and 4 were able to swap out ships at the orca as needed. We used scouts while running sites, and we had 4 toons mining gas when the sites were finished. Orca ore hold was wonderful for holding gas. Once we were done in one wh, we moved to the next one. very fun experience.

(Edit: We were in a c4 chain)


Just use a deep space transport.

The advantage of this is you can go through c1 holes, but the orca has the much bigger advantage of having an SMA for storing a spare exploration frigate/salvager/pvp ship in.

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I feel like I should mention carrying a small pos within the orca with a compression array and CH / SMA but people might burn me at the stake soo yea. But even if your not staying long in a hole it’s easier to use then carrying a citadel. But it gives you a little more versatility and gives you your orca pilot to use instead of having them sitting in a ship at all times

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I thought CCP made compression arrays illegal?

Nope still usable. just kinda forgotten

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