Wormhole nomad life - brainstorming

i’m thinking of doing some PI/mining and whatnot in a Wormhole with 2 alts.

my plan is like this

  • living out of a larger ship (maybe an orca)
  • each alt have a basic POS (small) setup ready to deploy (only one is used its just for redundancy)
  • one deploys and online the pos, then the Orca pilot spawns and warps in.
    both use ships stored in the orca to do whatever they have/want to do.

when packing up, all the goods go back in the orca, warp to safe or straight log out while in the Forcefield.

while the other one stays behind to shut down the POS.

on the next session, same again, spawn , scan, deploy, “work”

is thers somethings i’m missing in terms of preperation?
also the vounerability would be jumping the orca itself when change to anopther WH (eg going back to known space) i’m not so sure how one would go about that. since the orca can;t really do the MWD-Cloak trick it’s gonna be hard to move it. anyone has some ideas about this issue?


At first, for PI you need POCOs. So if there’s already a corp in there or old neglected pocos, someone may earn some ISK with your taxes (but that can be ok).
There’s several online towers in wormholes, you don’t have to use an Orca all the time but some POS structures will do the job.

Be extra careful when doing PI in WHS when there is a custom office on the planet as I had found out a few times I can not extract as the custom office has been blocked.

OP, this sounds very close to A Nomad Tale:

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This is such a bad plan.

So one character is basically stuck in an orca in wormhole, not being able to do anything during that time.

Seriously? youre gonna anchor and unanchor a POS every time? Do you know how time consuming and risky that is?

Its so much work and so much risk for pennies. Better to just join a womrhole corp and live out of a wormhole that way.

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Your plan is solely based on not getting caught. What is your plan to do when you do get caught? What happens when (Yes, when, not if) you lose everything? What you need to live in a wormhole is to have a plan of action when the stuff hits the fan and your original plan is out the window. You need to be able to think quickly on your feet and react to what happens, not just expect your own plan to work.

Consider anything you take into a wormhole to be already lost and plan according to that.

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yeah the orca is just for storage really, not plan on doing anything with it other than ship-parkking and ore collections, basically it always stays in the safety of the forcefield, while the pilot uses one of the stored ships for whatever.

not so sure i do understand, my original plan is not to get caught,
and if i do its damage control (eg logging out) … i have no plan on defending a small pos since it’;s pointless and i do not have a army on standby either, the whole idea is to do it on my own (with the exeption of the scanning alt and maybe a scout when “moving house”)

there is no plan b, meaning if the forcefield is breached before i can log off, the orca is lost as it is a easy target at this point. there is nothing to prevent this from happening, so the name of the game is to be skiddish and try to make the best out of it. hence this thread to share some ideas.
and maybe someone is pointing out some holes in it :wink:

this isn’t me going on a business venture to become a trillionaire, just want to do someethings different.

That’s a lot of wasted fuel blocks or do you only just online your tower when you log on your Orca?

/question, if a pilot was omega when undocking in an Orca then afterwards becomes alpha before docking in same orca, what happens to the orca if that Alpha pilot logs out while still sitting inside the Orca?

Should the pilot be first ejected as that clone state is alpha?

Yeah, no one plans to get caught, and yet trillions of isk worth of losses occur in EVE every day.

Orcas are really easy to scan down and really easy to spot.

No, I believe you can still fly it around. You just cant use any of the modules, and when you dock, you have to get out of the ship to undock again.

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But I’m not sure about modules.
I think there will be many offline modules in a ship as soon as a player switches to alpha and is not docked yet.

true … but i’m sort of a POS fanboy (i use them wherever i can)
but yes in this scenario, the alt would log in, fire it up, and then the orca pilot spawns inside of the forcefield. (i have done this countless times in lowsec)

that would somewhat work, you can still “fly” but you can’t use any of the modules that require the omega state (which is pretty much all of them)
and the second you do step out of it(eject or bord a hanger-ship), or dock, that will be the end of the road :wink:

but, financing a alt’s omega with isk isn’t too much of a problem this days.

it would however work just fine if said alt would fly somethings like a Procurer with tech 1 miners,
but thats pretty much pointless as well, as you can’t multibox and the pilot is then bound to that single ship.

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Wormlife has about half a dozen freeport stations or more inside a variety of wormholes. If you desire to make a station of your own, I would suggest you find a WH you like and buy a Raitaru (est 550 million ISK). Now you could stop there but the station will not have shields and armor after the 24 hour build process. The core is 880 million ISK will put the shields and armor online for a total cost of 1.43 billion ISK. However this option is a lot less than an Orca.

Other options would be to add a simple service to put online for 1 day a week to keep your station from going into “abandon mode”. Otherwise the fuel consumption of such a station is zero. You could add defense and other modules over time or just use the station as a personal base.

I am just an alpha miner, but with gas mining I can make 350 million ISK inside a WH on a good day. Assuming you have 4 days such as this, the basic station and core would be paid for and the rest is all profits. Remember to ship your ore and gas on a daily basis or you will risk losing it should the station get blown.

thinking about using a Freighter instead but there seems to be no tech2 variant of the Bowhead, and it makes little sense without a jumpdrive.

This sounds so insanely crazy that might actually work. But it probably won’t.

If you don’t need or desire the hanger space, and just want to mine gas/ore;

  • Set up 3 characters in the following roles; Miner, Hauler, and Fighter/Defense.
  • Miner only needs the vessel you are mining with and the skill set to use it.
  • Hauler should be running a Miasmos
  • F/D warrior should have at least a destroyer or cruiser able to deal with the rats.
  • Make sure they have scanning abilities and find the hole.
  • Bookmark a location in dead space and scan those cosmics.

The method would be miner gets the gas and jet-cans it at the bookmark, then safe log out, come back as the hauler. Pick up and store the gas/ore in the Miasmos. Safe log out and return as the miner. Use the F/D to clear out rats as they appear. I know omega can multi-box but I would still keep it simple should someone get taken out by another player. The other 2 can scan for a wormhole so they can return to their task. I wouldn’t take a Mobile Depot they are a dead give away you are active in there. But if you do, I would pack it up at the end of the day just to be safe.