So I thought of a way to make the Bowhead more popular, just add an ore hold!

Ohhhhhh. CCPlease!!!
Q-Ships! :smiley:

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And with ship scanners…how good do you think your decoy ship will be?

Maybe you should go spend some time ganking freighters so you can learn the process and then speak about it with some reasonable knowledge as opposed to what you think it is like.

That cover it? XD

Yeah, bad idea.

Hint: What else could it be used for? You have created a very powerful ship that will not be used for just that purpose.

True, but it is in essence a hidden pocket, destroyer, Cruiser or BC or Dreadnought, depending on the size of industrial or mining ship The Q-Ship is based off of.

Plus they will not be nearly as fast as actual ships of the line.
Faster than a true indi, but no match for the direct comparison class of warship.

You do realize you are creating a ship that is very much like a dread except perhaps for its weaponry…

Sorry, no.

Why no?

Why not?

I, too, thought of an idea to make the Bowhead more popular … Let us use the ships in the maintenance bay like drones!

I have another idea, just came to me right now after I had to one above. How about we replace all rookie ships with Bowheads? Now that would give it some serious popluarity.

Or could we get Taylor Swift to pose next to a model of a Bowhead?

You are not even trying.

Trying what?

By the way, you’ve joined the game in 2017.12.15. Now go and check in-game when I’ve joined it. … I’ll save you the effort. It’s 2009.02.02.

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If you are posting with your main, then good for you.
I chose not to be located via agent and trolls.

Not even trying to be serious about the Bowhead…
or are you? :confused:

I see. You couldn’t figure it out so you’ve looked at when I’ve joined the game instead of giving the idea itself a thought. Now you’re still confused. Makes sense.

No. I’m not being serious. Popularity of a capital ship such as the Bowhead, which fills a niche is not a reason for a change. It is unique in it’s abilities and has no competition and so nothing is rivaling its popularity. It’s pretty obvious that popularity cannot be a factor for any change.

That said, I do would like to see Taylor Swift pose next to a model of it just to see which one is the sexier.

We could increase all numbers for all attributes for all ships by a multiple of 2 or 4 and allow for more effective flexibility in balancing existing ships and open up room for more specialized ships.

I suppose a comparison would not be impossible or all that difficult…
“That said, I do would like to see Taylor Swift pose next to a model of it just to see which one is the sexier.”

Who has MS Paint, access to a picture of Taylor Swift and a good shot of the Bowhead? :slight_smile:

Before we had the Bowhead did players make contracts of their ships to themselves so these would end up in a wrapped package. It allows one to haul rigged ships inside a freighter. The obviously complex method and the price for even a rigged but unfitted Marauder, made freighters only more of a gank target. Some Incursion runners fly ships worth several billions of ISKs, and why shouldn’t they?! All while Incursions pop up all over the place and require fleets of players to change sites with ranges of sometimes more than 25 jumps. It allowed for a niche ship such as the Bowhead to be introduced, which can be tanked up to 500k ehp and to move rigged ships of high value.

Ore however isn’t meant to be moved, but it is meant to be refined or at least to be compressed before moving. There is a capital ship, which fills this niche and it’s the Rorqual.

This was a valid naval vessel called a Q ship.

It looks like a freighter, but inside its actually a battleship. Could have a nice niche module for tricking cargo scanners into thinking its full of skill injectors, or another high value cargo of whatever.

Now that would make for some ‘Emergent’ PvP.

For the original poster, it would be nice to be able to configure cargo bonus types, and its not the first time freighters would be changed, since the current 3 low slots were originally 3 rig slots.

Trucks after all can haul grain, cars or liquids just by changing a trailer.

Would you post your coment in here? :slight_smile:

No. They had no rigs. They had nothing but were fixed hulls only influenced by skills and implants.

Because it won’t be used just for your intended use. It will find other uses. Imagine war deccing hub humpers setting these up on the Jita undock? Good idea? How about those who suicide gank using them to protect their haulers/wrecks after a gank? Good idea? They might be other uses as well that I have not thought of and you appear to be completely disinterested in thinking about.

You have to remember this is an fairly open system. You can take a ship and use it in unconventional ways. In fact, I’m pretty sure that was the intention all along and why we have module choices on most ships.

If they where not used for more than just the purposes I envisioned… That would make me lose faith in the ingenuity of my fellow EVE players. :slight_smile:

But that is where the potential game breaking aspects could be. Just because they can use it that way does not make it good. Example, the nano-Domi. Once players were able to make a dominix a nano BS capable of over 3k m/s you know the nano meta is horribly broken so CCP nerfed it into the ground.