New Ship: Behemoth class

In all seriousness this idea is not finished and need more thinking thru but i want to see is there need of such a ship in the first place before i brainstorm it more it comes solely from “need” factor…so there is that.

tldr; Ship is “end game” of high sec it is massive investment in skill and money but it gives you all you “need” in one place it replace home station/structure with mobile one.
Players that spend years in game but due to life cant be around often have mobile assets in space to use their limited time to best extent.

Recent reintegration of Thukker tribe to Minmatar republic fold created several problems mainly racial in nature and general distrust from planet based Thukkers and on other side preferred mobility over anything else that roaming Thukkers counted on for generations.

On the plus side Thukker gained public and more powerful backing of Minmatar republic and more importantly opening to massive empire markets and Minmatar empire space shipyard complexes.

Behemoth class (pending better naming) is mobile base, strip down top tier ships from Thukker caravan flotilla for empire consumption(no jump drive).

2-3 times better tank than bowhead / orca
4 million m3(max skills) ship maintenance bay
200 000 m3(max skills) Ore hold capacity
Drone bay 125/300mbit
Massive these ships are Titans of empire space they are some 5ly above whatever comes 2nd in high sec space.
1% shield command boosts per lvl
3% skirmish command(mobility help)
Fortress mode
Clone bay deck

Fortress mode is automated function that happens (providing you have fuel blocks) when you leave ship…yes
Ship like structures (providing you have fuel blocks) is invulnerable as long as you are absent and create 20km radius zone around ship a shield if you will that reduce all incoming and outgoing dmg by half.

Eject without fuel on board Behemoth is transferable to other pilot/stealable.

Most poke in the eye but rather minor example of Fortress mode would be parking it in mine belt and poor miners in there just got 50% more chance to survive gank if you decide to commit such a valuable ship,it is pure defense mode because fleet in side also suffer from dmg reduction(possibly mining yield too),one can leave or being bumped out of fort zone too.

As long as you have fuel blocks while ship is in auto mode it provide tether rep ability.

Ship cant command boost while in fortress mode/move or use any fitted modules or assist drones/guard.

Clone bay deck is basically clone stash on your ship to accommodate rapid game style changes it works like structure clone bay you can swap to another clone as you wish as long as you have one installed to clone deck and naturally if you have fuel blocks.

Clone deck can contain up to 10 clones(of your self no other ppl clones allowed) if you decide to jump from one end of a universe to Behemoth(docked you cant jump to fortress mode behemoth) this will trigger 24h cool down where once you are in Behemoth you cant use it clone deck nor jump out to other end of universe.

Clone deck is most interesting to me if i months ago when i played last was running missions and logging in today to do some roam it is and i cant stress this enough how massively helpful is if all my relevant junk including proper clone is in one mobile place so i can go and enjoy this game full throttle instead loging in in a raven in backwater npc station with missile clone thinking of what needs to happen to get my self ready for armor roam gang.

Dynamic log in point if you will.

Anywho discuss tell me is there value in this ship.

Hisec titans again I see.


^ Almost spot on it provide massive utility for human behind pilot and is not combat oriented.

I just don’t like the “hisec” part. If you want to use capital ships you should have to defend them from everyone, ie be restricted to lowsec, nul or WH. Hisec capitals just encourage people to keep grinding in hisec for something that eventually everyone will have. These end game ships are never end game for long and you’d just end up having to add a bigger one in a year or two. Hisec just isn’t for this stuff in my opinion. Risk vs Reward and all that.

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I read that as a RP creature. I just described another Rorqual which is allows to enter high sec. I mean it’s no-no by default.

Well i think obtaining ships in part of game nature it is important that these ships don’t shift gameplay in a bad way and while they don’t represent easy kill properly over bloated gang can still delete it extract billions upon billions in ship/ore and clones out of it.

Balancing that is tricky business.

Rorq is padding your wallet titan blaps super pad your wallet.

This ship keep you up to speed is all.

No capitals in highsec


Bowhead or an orca.

Making it too easy to move around means that bigger groups can defende larger space or more easily dominate smaller groups.

Jump clone wise, just stop making heads that you don’t want to pvp in. Thats a self imposed problem.

This is a given even now by that definition even bowhead shouldn’t exist because it makes it easy to move ships around but ease of move goes both way and without jump drive it is(at least i like to think so) not cancer lvl issue.

it helps save time for ones not having much of it having ship like this with pve/pvp/explo multiple fits and being able to utilize them at next login that happens to be not your regular station can only(imo)improve game experience…just…save…time have nothing to do with my willingness.

and it de-cloaks afk cloakies…and alpha account too


No it’s not like the bowhead! It carries 3x as much and tanks a lot more too.

Don’t be a tool.

Try to contribute afk de cloaks were not mentioned anywhere as soon as CCP see fit for Alphas to have capital ship skills on their platter this ship would go alpha too,i guess.

Did a single mission on my way back from agent some way of my usual area undocked along with NPC hauler on it way back to belt no scram to keep it there no pvp fit to stay thru whole engagement target painted it overheat cruise missile launchers in hope of dps braking it…it warps out fleet lands i run…content dropped.

Drifters on a gate no grappler cruise sucks for engaging target sig that size content dropped moving on how about some exploration fantastic…in a raven contend dropped.

Jump 20 jumps in a bs to hq maybe some pvp roam than…ha ha…log out i spent my time warping around instead of doing stuff…amazing…i know i am not talking rocket science here.

That would be 2mil cargo bowhead vs 4mil cargo behemoth so it can carry 2x as much if you wanna start calling names card so early you might wanna position your self worth listening to.

I’m going to counter that EVE needs a leviathan class ship (not just the ship name, but a whole class.) The leviathan in mythology was literally everywhere at the same time because it was so big. I want a ship so big it’s in every system at once.

I might have missed it, but what’s the reason this ship is “needed”?

Need is a viciously strong word for that debacle.

True that. But doesn’t stop it being stupid to say a bowhead and what you propose being the same thing.

Ship + invulnerability till my fuel runs out + clone bay + Massive ship hauling + high mobility + highsec + Mining Booster + Combat Booster + massive tank + Tethering + bah…i cannot even type any more garbage you want this ship to do without vomiting.

Bad ideas are bad but you have really hit the bad-idea thing out of the park!

Your understanding of the concept of game balance is so poor that I’d like to personally request that you either: 1) speak to people that understand game balance before you post again or 2) never post again at all.

Hugs and Kisses,

Cindy the Sewer


Because the OP thinks it would be neat-o?

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