New Ship: Behemoth class

Please don’t. if your problem escalate.

For your personal requests i recommend this guy tell your mom and dad to take you to him they pop out around shopping malls around this time of year hi will even listen my kid loved it!

with more important things out of the way few notes

It is a mobile base of a ship so yes it does have few neat things going for it it vulnerability window isnt just when fuel blocks run dry(that is lets steal this ship window) but also when ever pilot is in a ship…i know i know it can shoot back …tough.

With around one mill HP it is not out reach of some ridiculous sub capital ship setups and millions and millions of hp less than any structure currently in game not that bad but numbers are not set in stone far from it.ship is a capital ship they are not known to be highly mobile and it do not have agility bonus IF pilot is implanted and skilled enough it will help ship mobility but bowhead will still be more nimble with its align bonus alone i just like the option that you need skills implants and to use keyboard to provide mobility bonus,rather than have it baked in a ship that promote AFK this method does not.

Few more points i could discuss but at this time i think watching zoolander 2 is far more intelligent thing to do…and that tells a lot.

amazing more like.

None of those almost million EHP ships can stand invulnerable for an indefinite period of time while…what for it…the pilot is three systems away running an L4. This idea is absolutely indefensibly bad that anyone agrees with you only shows that their are others that, like you, fail at the knowledge of the most basic underpinnings of EVE.

P.S. thanks for all the helpful advice, perhaps ill go vomit on Santa while we laugh together at your idea!

wish i could say the same have fun a am not one to judge don’t come back.

While your first post had no content it at least had ‘link-humor’ and so for content it got 0/10 but for comedy it got a rousing 5/10.

This post misses on both content and humor and falls on its face with a straight 0/10, 0/10.

p.s. You do know that a negative number system exists and i gather from your last post i’ll need it to respond to your next one.

No. There is absolutely zero need for this ship.

The phrases “end game” and “high sec” are mutually exclusive. Nothing end game should exist in high sec.

Before you try to further defend this horrible idea, remember that there are many, many, many people in this game who consider whatever arbitrary number of skillpoints/isk you put on this to be pointless. This game has thousands of Titans/supers, and thousands more players who could afford same ships, but choose not to. Skill points and ISK requirements are not barriers of entry in this game, as both can be easily acquired.

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Phrases are just that i don’t get stuck on em i was of your thinking until recently and if we discussed here titans/supers/faxes/dreads or carriers we would still be of same thinking.

Appreciate you dropping a reply,…take care.

We are. By your own words we’re discussing “Titans of empire space.”

Phrasing it need capital ship skills in that way yes,it would become 1st capital ship that can roam high sec excluding freighter and few other stuff classified as such but having next to none skill needed to operate(certainly they don’t require capital skills).

As mobile base it doesn’t operate same as conventional capital it wont wreck havoc in high sec like lifting a ban of conventional capitals would…just imagine.

this ship would provide utility for account holder it cant delete your enemies it cant make you money it is fundamentally different approach of buy a bigger ship get an bigger gun or make more money it doesn’t do any of that.

What utility is provided that is not already fulfilled?

You already can dock at every station in highsec, It’s cheaper and faster to train into a freighter and bowhead to move your alt fleet around. There is absolutely nothing this bad idea presents that is needed.

Mobility as in mobile base you already stated your opinion that i acknowledged already what further explanation you require and for what reason?

Again, this adds nothing the mobility. I’m the proud owner of a 13 alt alt-fleet that moves around the entire game as I get bored with one activity and move onto the next. Doing this isn’t difficult, and definitely doesn’t need adding a capital to highsec.

And that’s fine ship that haul other ships and your clones wouldn’t provide you with mobility for me and ppl i discussed this not satisfied with bowhead orcas and amount of them needed think otherwise and it is fine too as long as nobody holding gun to your head to fly it everybody happy.

I don’t see a problem, make it to where you have to be in corp, it cant dock anywhere, it isn’t combat related, anything in eve can be ganked and it should cost like a titan.

This big list of things it probably shouldn’t be able to do is a good indication that this ship has no natural niche to fit into.

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