New ship class?

Hello dear pilots,

Recently I have been getting more back and back into EvE online but there is something really bothering me, and no its not the ganks, PvP or the attitude of some players. Its it the lack of a decent class between Battleship and Dreadnought.

I have been thinking about something like a mini dreadnought or a sub capital Battleship class going as the amount of time you need between Battleship and Dreadnought is just to much. You don’t unlock ships which can be a reason to stop playing ( I wouldn’t, but new players could) Also the difference in playstyle from Battleship to Dreadnought is massive, at least thats what I have been told as I am still learning for dreadnought.

I don’t now how my fellow pilots feel about it, but maybe we could get our heads together and find a way to make EvE more interesting in the way of unlocking ships to get a real ‘‘progression feeling’’. Maybe when we get a good plan we could get CCP involved and give them the tip/plan so they can work on it.

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Yes Marauder is a option, they are ingame but still the skill cap is way to high for that. My target is something that will have bit less skill cap. Like after BS3 you get 1 week for a ‘‘mini dread’’ or something.

Marauder still takes months to learn when you get Battleships.

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If CCP adds too many ship classes people will spend all their time training new ships instead of training into support skills to fly those ships well.

There are already a bunch of different subclasses to each vessel size.

Train into blops, Marauders, t3 cruisers, multiple races’ battleships.

There are already a TON of options for training.

And if you are wanting something that only takes a week to train into then you are talking about a destroyer class ship.

If they were to implement something like this I really doubt training the ship to level 5 would take less time than training a battleship to level 5.

You should ask yourself of what is missing between Dread and BS and what role is going to play “your new” ship in the end.

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Only things we are really missing at this point sub-cap wise is some navy issue destroyers and an actual Q-ship class that can mimic another ship at long ranges and on d-scan and has the teeth and tank to be a pain in the ass to the guy that drops on it into engagement range looking for an easy mark. So maybe a BC that masquerades as a T2 industrial unless you are paying some really close attention.

Sadly if we want a Q-ship that is based on one of the large jump freighter hulls it is going to be a cap ship which would make it unusable in high security space anyways… but probably quite hilarious the first time somebody tries doing a drive-by carrier boosh on a Q-ship capital though. That said, if it had at least reasonable if somewhat limited hauling capacity (~60k m3?) in a fleet hangar I could see a fleet using a couple of them as jump-capable mobile resupply points with extra cap charges and the like. Would likely end up also being the vessel of choice with which to attempt citadel deployments with… I can already see somebody lighting a cyno in somebody’s back yard and one of those jumping in. Though I imagine it would likely require a metric ton of skill training beyond what the OP is looking for in a stepping stone. There is no way such a thing wouldn’t require both jump freighter training and whatever the new ship class training would be along with some capital weapons training.

got it

destroyer takes way more than a week to train
i think maybe 5 months for a decent confessor maybe


All the speed of a battleship, all the sub cap dps of a dread.

I think you’ve fallen into the trap of thinking the game is about the next ship tree progression. Try to focus on what you’re doing with your tools rather than just grinding toward that next shiny.


nonsense I have nothing else to train.

I wasn’t talking about weapons systems and supporting skills. Its like 9 days for destroyer 5 or something close to that.

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If we keep the EVE “logic” in ship progression that would be an Attack-Battleship? Like Battleships that get a bonus on CPU, powergrid and activation cost for extra large weapons? Tank of a Battlecruiser, speed/agility of a Battleship and firering 3-4 extra large weapons without siege mode? I would give them tracking or range boni, but no damage bonus.

You should have said you just wanted to sit in it and look pretty. If you want to take it outside and have a snowballs chance in hell of returning you need all the other skills that go with the hull skill. Basically you can’t “fly something” just because you have the skill to sit in the seat and make engine noises with your mouth.

Destroyers take way longer to “train into” than 9 days.

I guess you missed the part of the convo where the OP said he wanted something that took about a week to train into after training into battleships. I’m assuming he has those skills trained if he is flying a BS.

And no, it doesn’t take “way more” than 9 days to hit destroyer 5. Destroyer 5 isn’t a 20+ day train like cruisers and above.

My entire arguement was that I am against more ship sizes because people would spend too much time training into new vessels and not the supporting skills for them.

Re-read the thread boss.

No I read it. It’s just you said :

So I felt I should point out that having the skill to sit in a dessy doesn’t mean you have “trained into it”. It means you have trained to sit in it. To be able to actually fly it in a less than suicidal way you quite obviously need support skills. That’s all.

I didn’t say anything about training Dessy 5.

That’s already the case.

No need. Maybe you should since you think Destroyer 5 is a support skill.

You are arguing semantics, and that is a sign of a weaak mind.

Arguing over the definition of “training into” is not helpful or even relevant to the conversation.

I can just as easily say that “training into” a ship class means just training to sit in it, and that any supporting skills, since they apply to multiple ship classes, would just be training proficciencies.

Either way, it doesnt matter. The guy is already flying a battleship so i am assuming he has those support skills. He gave an example of a mini dread that takes a week or so. I compared that training time to the time of a destroyer, hell, you could even say frigate. Either way both of those skills are somewhere around 5-9 days to hit level 5.

And where are you getting that I said a dessie is a support skill?

I wonder if a role exists similar to the BC’s that can fit large weapons.

A BS that can fit and is bonused for capital sized weapons. Basically a “capital/station killing” BS that would be pretty useless for anything else… kind of a glass cannon sort of thing.

Polirized turrets under Bastion mode overheated need to check the max dps on that

Have you tried a "Bot"class ship;they seem unstoppable atm?