Progression is underwhelming

Upgrading your ship class in EVE online feels underwhelming because when you go to a bigger size you lose significant amount of mobility, you lose tracking and you lose targeting speed. Is there not a better way to balance the ships? Must the bigger ones be so annoying to fly compared to the smaller ones?


An interesting change would be to change ship bonuses from giving bonus to a specific size weapon and instead just be a flat bonus to all weapon sizes. This way i can fit “Small” lasers on a cruiser without forfeiting the damage bonus i would get on a destroyer or frigate. I think it will make PVP more interesting because you will see cruisers use smaller weapons perhaps. The meta could likely change a bit? Thats good right?

But then also fix align times. Ideally no ship should take 20 seconds or even 10 seconds to align imo.

I would like to propose a base align time of 5 seconds for all frigates. And then 6 for all destroyers. 7 for all cruisers. 8 for battlecruisers. 9 for battleships. 10 capital ships. so on so forth. Thats the base align time. Which will be improved by skills and modules. Those align times are more fitting for current gen gaming imo.

When it comes to scan resolution, i would actually like to see frigates having the longest lock times. Because they are under powered right? They wouldnt have the power and electrinics for a strong targeting computer that a battleship has. So lets reverse it! Frigates can now have the scan resolution of a battleship and the battleship can now enjoy the scan resolution of a frigate. That will show them. This also means you need big ships now if you want to point something instantly. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

(This sort of change might make smaller ships irrelevant, so a cool way of making them remain relevant needs to be thought of :slight_smile: maybe command bursts should give huge boosts to smaller ships and not such big boosts to bigger ones or other stuff that ppl can think off)

The meta would change into something terrible. And that’s bad.


Change is bad except when its not

Your changes are bad.

Also, don’t try to align with your prop mod on, and it won’t take 20s to do so.


I dont mind going through each ship in this game and changing the values myself on a test server and letting anyone play around with the ships for a bit. And if feedback is genuinely good then it can go live on the big server.

If CCP was a legit company now would be the time more than ever to take this kind of bold action. EVE online is fading every year. But CCP is a government subsidized company and the goal is not to make profit or to grow. Just to keep the same group of people employed from now until they can retire. Its a sad state of affairs.


Your proposal would make each prior tier obsolete as you progressed down the line. Current system provides pros and cons to each ship tier. Your suggestion replaces that with making bigger much better than the prior tier. Eve is not intended to be a linear gameplay style of game like everything else is. Embrace the differences in game play instead of trying to make it a copy of everything else.


Linear progression works. Making bigger defacto better works. And if it isnt broken dont fix it.

this is the worst take i have read in here in a while, or maybe ever…

that is exactly why it should remain as it is


No it shouldn’t

Doesent EVE online have a system of governance? I mean the game, in the lore? Shouldnt a new sherif be able to arrive in town and change things?

So after the suggested changes have been made and in order to keep smaller ships relevant, you would now need faction standings to fly bigger ships in highsec. When this is implemented anyone who is docked will not be allowed to undock in their battleship unless they have the required faction standings. Some people may have to dust off their frigates and get to grinding. Some people will be upset about this. But who cares, Theres a new sheriff in town, and battleships got a big buff, so deal with it?

People who are in space and logging in, in a battleship for the first time after these changes wree made, and they dont have the neccesary faction standings will be intercepted by CONCORD and asked to dock their battleship in the nearest station or face severe consequences. New sherif in town.

Big buff to battleships but now need faction standing of 4 to fly them in faction space. This means you need a standing of 4 with all 4 factions to freely fly battleships across all of highsec after their big buff. hehe

just fly a machariel then, she already has <9s align time. no need to horribly screw the balance and make it a shitshow

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I agree that size progression is underwhelming. Battleships were the last thing I trained after e.g. assault frigates, ewar frigates, covert ops. Use Ship Tree, as you move up from the T1 line you keep agility but gain specialization

Works for what?
A game set on rails? Sure.
A sandbox? Not so much.

SP is the progression in EvE.
Ships are tools, and every ship has its use.

–Gadget has a large toolbox


“Progression” :joy:
This is my progression: Free Corvettes then Catalyst then Hecate. Only small turrets with specialized ammo. Period.

equal is boring, ships need to be different. eve pvp is like a complex version of rock, paper, scissors not one can beat all (or it needs to get nerfed asap)

Well my creative juices are kinda spent. And some of the most recent replies arent particularly inspiring. So ima head off. Cya later

A general advice, maybe try mastering the game as it is, before suggesting changes to its core. :wink: The game you see today is the evolution of 20 years or balancing and tuning. There are good reasons for each of the things and how they work.

If you feel bored, you can always ask here for suggestions what to do, or play something else.


Well maybe if you tried to figure out how PvP works as it does today, you’d have informed creative ideas. Instead of „getting pwned by frigates in your destroyer“ and then going to the forums to try to change the entire game to make up for your losses:


I just want to say one last thing. All this work that has been put into the game over the years to achive balance that currently exists. It really seems like players enjoy it. Because 10 years ago there was 60k people online where as today there is barely 25k online at peak. So dont act like the game is in some kind of wonderful balance when more players are consistently leaving than joining. Queue the usual excuses.