Time for Baatleship Love CCP

Not asking for a new type of battleship, asking for heavier armor, more slots, capital ship equalizer type weapons.
Changes would encourage more alliance battles not to mention sub alliance battles!

Isn’t that also known as power-creep?
…and also known as a bad thing?


In what way?

I’ve never really flown a battleship in PVP but isn’t a big part of why they are less utilized a combination of factors?
A. The fact that they become easy prey for Bombers and other smaller ships that get under their guns
B. Less maneuverability than other hulls, especially cruisers or HACS
C. They have bad scan resolutions so their availability to alpha is reduced as well as giving hostile logistics more opportunities to pre lock anyone getting mass yellow-boxed
D. Pricepoint when you compare what else you can get for the cost of a fitted battleship +/- a few million
E. How easily they can be hit by HAW Dreads or carriers / supers

I dont think more armor /shield and some extra slots is really going to fix them, they need a pretty comprehensive rework or at the very least a niche other than pipebombing. but again i prefer smaller ships so im in a way biased / uninformed.


You are saying that rock is OP to scissors so lets rework scissors so they can at least stand-up to rock.

This is fundamentally wrong.

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No, not really - Battleships do need to be reworked - they are pretty much useless against any other ship class (including noob ships :slight_smile: )

Basically used for some bashing and pve


…because people get one and think that can solo rule a system in it. BS need escorts as their role is pretty niche as you just pointed out. THAT is what they do…they dish pain on slow/stationary big targets.

Destroyers and cruisers are there to protect the BS…or should be.

Buff battleships - or nerf carriers? There’s a question.

Note that CCP also has to balance capitals for highsec, where they are used in greater numbers.

Too niche, is I think the point - virtually every other ship class has multiple roles (and many overlapping) - BS are just BS nowadays - Carriers have better application against frigates than BS… (although that is another discussion)…

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Of course they do…THAT is their role. To screen a fleet and make smaller ships melt.

Now how about we talk about prices? How’s that carrier in HS? How’s that carrier fair vs equal ISK value in BS in a straight fight?

Please keep the apples/oranges comparisons out of this…

I’d utterly disagree with you there - carriers role is not killing frigates, that is beyond laughable (or should be).

And if you are going to talk rock-paper-scissors and accuse others of losing the plot… oh dear

Still far too wide, being the point

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Please point to where I said that it was their only role. (hint: look at the word “and”)

And if you are going to resort to making ■■■■ up, aim lower as that was pathetic…oh dear

Wow, I’m not the one aiming low - just read what you wrote and try and think about it as if I (or anyone else) wrote it… sheesh - bet you can’t do it objectively though…


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So you can’t reply on topic…why am I not shocked…

i see you have manged to lose the plot, and are now trying desperately to deflect… (and badly)

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No I’m trying to get you back to answering my questions but you are too busy fling poop it seems…

Ah, the answer my question (there is no question) argument … as I said before, oh dear

I can quote you till the cows come home, and you can keep making poop up if you like

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… …

At least of any relevance

I mean, I could ask is the sun shining or, it it dark outside, but that’s as relevant as it gets

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