Make Empire PvP Meta Sub-Cap

The title says it all.

This would allow an easier, low cost, entry into PvP for players wanting to try it out as well as making a sub-cap defense of structures more than just a dice roll.

This would give small corps the ability to be competitive in low, without the resulting hot drop from “alt in MegaCorp”.

All caps except freighters need Banned in Empire Space = True


Your intent isn’t very clear. However, if you’re implying that there should be cheap and easy to hop into battleships for “smaller groups” then that’s a -1 from me. Larger groups would be able to benefit far more, and we don’t really need more structure spam from smaller groups who can’t even protect their assets currently

As much as I would love to make battleships great again they simply don’t hold up against a larger force in smaller and cheaper ships. Three or four dudes in 20 mil cruisers can sink a 150-200 mil battleship fairly easily. Battleships are slow to move, slow to lock, and often unable to avoid fights being brought to them. They seem designed for stand up brawling yet are unable to meet the muster against heavier odds. It might be somewhat different in large scale fleet engagements but there is nothing stopping someone from bringing twice as many cruisers or assault frigates and practically winning the isk war by default.

Don’t get me wrong. I love to fly battleships, they’re great fun. But I generally will only pvp in cruisers and below. And I am unsure what potential changes could be made to correct this and build a new meta.

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I concur. Battleships are lovely, but ■■■■. Can we trust CCP to make battleships great again? No, we can’t.

Also agree with @Nepsy: there are way too many structures cluttering our space already. It’s space shantytown in all major systems as it is.


The point it to level the field and give them the ability to defend their structures. Also you do realize this suggestion only effects low sec? High sec structure spam is off topic.

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It’s not about ship traits or attributes.


How? If my 5 man corp can get the BS, why shouldn’t Siege Green not be able to?

Where does it say someone else cannot get the BS?


No where. That is why I am asking how it is supposed to level the playing field.

Just read the title maybe?

:red_circle: Not at all. Capitals are hardly an issue that prevents smaller groups from becoming competitive. Bigger groups can outform smaller groups and destroy their “new meta sub caps” with a swarm of frigates.

Again: How is your BS supposed to level the playing field?

That’s always the case, numbers win, what does that have to do with the topic?

:red_circle: This:


You want these things to be something that gives smaller groups a better fighting chance. How do you supposed this would be achieved?

Battleships are already cheap and pack a mighty punch. Look at the Praxis, for instance. How or what would your thing do differently than that ship or a cheap Typhoon or Armageddon?

What can I say, "Wooosshh?? :rofl:

Also, bad enough they added red dot to the game, you have to make us look at it here too?

Basically, the thread is just another ban capitals from lowsec thread?
I’m not exactly against it, but wouldn’t this just make it even harder for small groups to own capitals?
TBH I’d be in favour of this if battleships also got a sig resolution buff + cargo space buff. Why would a tiny frigate running windows XP have a better sig resolution than a battleship running windows 35.


Oh, hell yes. :innocent:

If they are big enough to own capitals, null awaits.

I hate to use the word, because of the foul wow context, but it is a corp progression of sorts, high->low->null

Elite PVP at it’s finest right here boys.

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Mmm. Ok, if STRICTLY low-sec, I’m game: hot dropping capitals in low feels cheap. And it’s bad for FW pilots, too.

However, I anticipate people are going to bitch and moan about this. Probably never going to happen.

I suspect that a lot of folks see “Empire Space” and think “hisec”.

If you had just said “ban capital ships except freighters from losec” I think more people would understand what you’re getting at.

Back to the topic at hand, I agree that perpetual fear of capital hotdrops does definitely stifle losec; not just structure warfare, but gang warfare in general. But I think the solution for your issue isn’t to ban capital ships from losec, it’s to ban standard cynos from losec. This will have the benefit of eliminating hotdrops while still leaving slower capital escalations as an option, and also leaving losec as a part of the sandbox where smaller groups can use capitals without having to deal with nullsec.