Empire Security Meta Restrictions

Implement restriction on fitted meta level of ships and pods in high/low security empire space (i.e. if too high you cannot take gates or undock). This is only fitted. You can still haul goods to non-restricted (null or wormholes) or favorable HS/LS faction to equip there.

Pledging allegiance to empire in their FacWar would raise the allowable equipped meta limit significantly with them and slightly with that empire’s ally respective security space.

Effectively, base meta levels (if you didn’t pledge allegiances) would pair down players to T1 cruisers. If folks wanted to pilot battlecruisers, battleships, or higher end abyssal running T2 frigates/cruisers they would have to assume the risk of fighting incursions from opposing faction military players.

Why low? Low is much more dangerous than null.

Absolute trash idea. We don’t need such ridiculous restrictions in a sandbox game, especially in lowsec.


You forgot a key piece… why? And why should ccp push people into fw? Forcing people to interact with a system they don’t want to in order to do what they want should be avoided not arbitrarily added in.


So basically you want to force everyone to PVP. No thanks…

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But his idea doesn’t even do that.

Also can you tell me what activity in eve doesn’t involve pvp?

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If that was implemented, I couldn’t even run a simple L3 security mission in a T1 fitted Drake without having to pledge to faction warfare. No thanks…



It is a stepping stone for realistically integrating the ‘green-safety’ enforcement for high security space that NetEase is running an A/B test over on the upcoming New Dawn cluster.

‘If’ that green-safety dynamic came to pass on TQ there would need to be a mechanism for limiting full bling fits in high sec with zero risk. With a meta restriction you can do that.

Players can participate ‘pvp risk free’ in a solo or social group under a protection of green-safety and dip toes into L2 missions (maybe L3 with T1 Cruiser group). However, higher end PVE (including higher end abyssal fits) should come with greater risk for a PvEvP dynamic. Gatting higher end HS/LS PvE content under the umbrella of widespread empire faction warfare allows players to op into the PvP risk of faction military counter-forces and make a commitment to their choice of space.

Under this scenario i would make the addition that you cannot run abyssal combat fillaments in null.

so your entire idea is based around a hefty set of what ifs?

If, New dawn ever goes live

If, any of the changes make it over to TQ

and if there are still people playing,

then we can circle back to this still largely pointless idea. The entire point of the system is so players can ignore the rest of the game weather or not their golem is completely officer fit or not will be nothing compared to the 40 alt mining fleets.

You realize that you can gank with meta 0 blasters or Arties just as good as you can with T2, right?

Your suggestion is not going to fix ganking or unwanted high sec PVP. Your idea only makes the experience worse for those that just want to play the game.

Appears there’s a misunderstanding. Under that ‘green-safety’ environment there is no ganking in high sec. Safety is still green lock for everyone in high sec; it’s that war declarations or fac war enlistment make you a valid green target because you chose to opt-in.

Empire meta restrictions is a soft ceiling to the types of ships and by extension type of content that can be accomplished by solos and groups without being shot by other players.

Which means all that gankers need to do is enlist with an FW corp, lift the restrictions and then they can fit and shoot what they want in high sec, even people that are not enlisted and have safeties set to green?

Would I also have to enlist for FW if I want to fly a DST or Freighter?

He specifically said green target. You can shoot war enemies with green safety. Same goes for suspects as well for that matter.

What I mean is that as soon as your safety is lifted due to the allegiance pledge, you can shoot anything.

Not sure if this is related to the OP’s idea as I didn’t read that. I am just talking about current mechanics and based on the post you replied to seemed to be what he was talking about as well, though can be wrong.

But as I understand he wants hisec to have red safety disallowed. This means no suicide ganking. Still people at war with each other (FW and wardecs) are still free to shoot each other even under current mechanics and same goes for a suspect or anyone you duel (which creates a limited engagement between the two).

In essence this topic is just another redundant Remove Ganking topic (fueled by the ridiculous plans from coward china) that also wants to make it impossible for literally everyone to play and enjoy the game.

Oh if they want that they already have it: EVE Echoes is that way. :point_right:



The ■■■■ no.
Eve online should not adopt stupid choices like this from the ■■■■■■■ mobile game.

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He doesn’t want ganking removed, for whatever reason he thinks it’s going to be on tq and wants to limit the ability of players who choose to stay in hs after the change. Why he also wants ls lumped in idk.

Project discovery, probibly the only one thou.