A Year Ago I Was Ridiculed For Suggesting BCs For Alphas


A year ago I made this post about why Alphas could possibly get access to battlecruisers and got slammed at by several people, possibly even laughed at.

And you know what? I am happy that I proved them wrong in the end. Sure it took a year for it to happen. But look at us now, flying battlecruisers AND battleships!

Am I being smug about it? Yes. Am I enjoying it like a sadist? HELL YES!




I saw it coming too, especially since they could already fly Gnosis.

BS took me by surprise though, as did pirate ships. And the 20mil cap.

Having said that, BCs are a bit crap though.

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You kidding me? The Hurricane is still one of the best out there. Same goes for the Myrmidon and Arby. Hell, the Drake is still revered.

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A year ago Alphas has access to 1 battlecruiser - the Gnosis and CCP dumped enough of them into the game as a subscription bonus to make them very affordable.

Experience over the past year has encouraged the company to go further. I was surprised at battleships - they give Alphas the ability to create a lot of ISK and I don’t see any new sinks to control growth in the money supply.


Those days are long long gone sadly.

it is? can i bring mine? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the Myrmidon too. Good all around drones ship.

Im an alpha and it blows my mind that alphas got battleships, that just seems excessive. To me it’s like alphas getting barges, and I like to mine.

I CAN believe about battle cruisers. They are still medium guns(except a attack cruisers). Battle ships are just one step under capital ships.

I’ll take what they give me, but it’s a lot.

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You can always bring your drake! I’m bringing mine!

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yeah and any sink they do will be to all of us as they love to do so much.

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I don‘t quite understand why alphas flying bBCs would require money sinks to counter it. We are still talking single accounts don‘t we? Would the same pilot flying the same ship but paying a subsciption somehow drain isk?


No, my point is we’ve basically given F2P players the ability to farm Havens in sovereign nullsec. Within a few days they will earn enough to PLEX a subscription with the current game design and the bars on this chart will get taller:

Alphas or Omegas running level 4 missions in Empire space are not a problem - the top 25 regions for bounties on this chart are in nullsec.

Dumping that much ISK into the game economy without some mechanism to remove it will eventually cause problems.


Lol. the Delve stat is just so utterly ridiculous.


In another year you won’t have any forums you could express your laughter on.


Are you a dev? No? Then you didn’t do a damned thing. At the time it was an incredibly stupid idea. Now we know how pointless the alpha program is, you can do stupid ideas and not have consequences.


a year ago we were told alphas will NEVER get another thing because of “balance” and the wanting of them to go omega and now we are here, how quickly we forget.


Add it to the long list of things the devs said “will never happen” that were then implemented a year or two later.

I do wonder if the Alpha program didn’t actually decrease Omega player retention, as new players don’t have to pay a sub for a couple of month until they find out they actually don’t like the game as it is. That’s not even a joke. When I started playing there was the Trial program, after which I subscribed and kind of felt lied to by the advertisements for the game. It didn’t feel like the chaos that was promoted, but rather a pretty see-through foodchain. Now, with the Alpha option, people could see the same, without ever paying for the game.

Right on the spot. Most of the discussion around the statistics focus on the fact that Goons are making the major part of bounties in the game, but what you are saying is actually the issue for the game as a whole.

P.S. The guys who first took me into a group in EVE were already saying that there is too much ISK in the game and that’s quite a while ago. Do you think it would make difference to stop the insane ISK faucet now? It would seem that the damage has been done and it would need extra steps to revert it.


People laughed at me when I proposed a module or something that can pull your wrecks on it’s own, so you can focus on killing stuff…It took 'em 8 years, but now we have mobile tractors, mobile depots…

So yeah, it only matters who’s laughing last.


Not really. In EVE like in real life, people have difficulties to think beyond what they have right in front of their nose. Some have the inner strength or make the effort to do it anyway, many don’t. Once something changes, people will quickly adapt and forget how it used to be and how they used to be conservative about changes in the past. They will continue to be so in the present. Ignore, adapt, ignore. Maybe it is your personal satisfaction that after 8 years you can say you were right, but everyone who laughed at you back then, doesn’t even remember what you said and even if they did, they will neither see you as a visionary nor themselves as ignorant.

with the new alpha I know people that have dropped their omegas because for their pvp or what they want to do they can do it free now, and I see plenty of alphas that come in doing nothing but looking for the best way to make isk as fast as they can expecting to plex in under a week.